5 Apps Any Serious Gamer Needs On Their Smartphone
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Nowadays, you don’t need to have a top of the line gaming system to get access to some of the best games on the market. All you need is a smartphone, some time to kill and some well exercised thumbs! For all you on-the-go gamers out there, here’s 5 apps any serious gamer needs on their smartphone.

Anyone who’s played exhilarating 888poker on their desktop PC will be thrilled to know that there is now an 888 poker app available on Android and iTunes. Play real money games, 24/7 in this ultimate online casino with a massive variety of games from Texas Hold’em to Roulette and everything in between. If your interests lie more on the football field, than on the Blackjack table, fear not! The 888 poker app also features sports betting with best online odds for football, horseracing and so much more!

Is there anyone in the world that wasn’t addicted to Snake, the trailblazer of mobile phone gaming long before the advent of the smartphone? For those of you who want all the fun of snake, without having to regress back to using a 3310, we suggest you get your hands on slither.io. Slither.io has the same basic rules as Snake, only it’s bigger, better and even more addictive. Instead of dodging walls, you’ll be dodging other players’ snakes as you try to make your snake the longest in the land.

You don’t have to be a serious gamer to know all about the technicolor world of Super Mario. The pint sized plumber has finally made the transition to smartphone gaming
with his newest adventure Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run unsurprisingly is a runner game that takes you leaping over obstacles, collecting coins and bashing enemies as you skip along the famous platform. Play solo or pit yourself against other players before you muster up the confidence to take on the dastardly Bowser in his evil lair.

Practically a fossil on the mobile gaming scene, Jetpack Joyride has seen a lot of gaming apps come and go during its years on the market. So what makes Jetpack Joyride still so much fun after all these years? It could be its endless gameplay, its challenging obstacles or its hilarious graphics that keeps mobile gamers coming back time and time again. Dodge missiles, lasers and evil scientists to see how far you can get on this hopelessly addictive game

Anyone who’s ever been on an unsuccessful day’s worth of real-world fishing will tell you how painfully boring it can be. Bid farewell to those wasted days by swapping your rod for a smartphone and downloading Ridiculous Fishing! This hilarious app brings together fishing and shooting with glorious tale of redemption to make for one seriously addictive gaming app. The world of Ridiculous Fishing is never-ending, meaning that you can wile away countless hours landing big ones with chainsaws, toasters and shotguns!



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Want your app reviewed like this one? Get it seen by our massive reader base here Submit your app!

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