Cherry Rush – The Go-To Place For Gambling Apps
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It is really hard to understand why the Google Play Store still refuses to sell real-play mobile casino apps, given the huge popularity both of them and of Android mobile phones. This baffling decision has meant that there is room for someone else to step in though and this has finally happened – with the name of the company in question being Cherry Rush.

What it is

Cherry Rush is the first app store for Android phones that contains nothing but real-play mobile casino apps. While it may appear at first that this is an incredibly niche market to build a business on, mobile casino is an activity that is enjoying a vast increase in adoption rates – with the numbers choosing to visit since its opening being the testament to this. You will find virtually all real-play casino apps here, from complete casino ones to those that just offer a single casino game – for example video slot apps Dragon’s Myth and Thunderstruck II. The site states that it has the most complete range of such apps to be found anywhere online and it also promises that all of the apps offered are fully regulated by the online casino industry and are built using reputable casino software like Microgaming.

Reviews and info

Of course, compiling all of the main mobile casino apps under one roof is fine, but how can anyone make the right choice when there are so many of them out there? This is clearly something that the people behind Cherry Rush have thought about and their answer is to review all of the apps. Each of them is subject to a detailed written review examining everything from the games and bonus offers to issues of security and mobile phone compatibility, alongside images of the apps for visual evidence and a rating on a scale of 1-5. Backing up these reviews and ratings are the recommendations chosen by the casino-crazy staff at Cherry Rush, while the top trending apps feature gives you an insight into which ones are being selected most frequently by the store’s customers. Combine this information with a site design that is clean, easily to use and appealing, and it makes the task of finding a great mobile casino app fun and simple.

How to get them

All of the apps on offer at Cherry Rush are completely free to download, but the site also provides you with an alternative to downloading. Its HTML5 instant play feature lets you access any of the casino apps and start playing using the internet browser on your phone. This can save you having to add multiple apps to your phone but also lets you give them a go before deciding whether to download or not. Downloading itself takes just minutes via Cherry Rush, so you can get gaming quickly whichever option you pick.

Since it was first launched, Cherry Rush has become an absolutely essential site for those who love playing casino games on their Android mobiles and with all of the features mentioned above it is really easy to see why.




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Want your app reviewed like this one? Get it seen by our massive reader base here Submit your app!

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