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By Brihanna Watson On 31 Aug, 2017 At 03:36 PM | Categorized As Android, News | With 0 Comments

Android 7 Nougat is the newest Android operating system for mobile devices. With this latest update, Android users get improved efficiency, functionality, and speed. If you are updating your current device or you’re in the market for a new phone or tablet equipped with Android 7 Nougat, discover some of the following features and developments […]

By Brihanna Watson On 25 Aug, 2017 At 01:19 AM | Categorized As Android, iPhone | With 0 Comments

There’s no question that Monday morning’s are haaard – you’ve just come off the back of a raucous Friday, adventurous Saturday and relaxing Sunday, life couldn’t be sweeter and yet work is just around the corner… Work. Whoever invented it was obviously a very charming sadist, but it’s what we’re lumped with, so, if we […]

By Brihanna Watson On 17 Aug, 2017 At 03:00 PM | Categorized As Android | With 0 Comments

So you thought of upgrading your Android to the latest one. It’s always nice to upgrade your phone, so you get to enjoy the latest features. You’ll be excited to switch on your new Android phone and start from the word go, but how can you operate it without transferring all your data from your […]

By Brihanna Watson On 14 Aug, 2017 At 09:04 PM | Categorized As Android, iPhone | With 0 Comments

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a top of the line gaming system to get access to some of the best games on the market. All you need is a smartphone, some time to kill and some well exercised thumbs! For all you on-the-go gamers out there, here’s 5 apps any serious gamer needs on […]

By Brihanna Watson On 4 Aug, 2017 At 03:31 PM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Online trading has revolutionized the trading game. With the addition of mobile applications, trading is available to practically everyone, anywhere at anytime. With just the tap of a smartphone, traders all over the world can get in on the action, and more and more businesses are joining the game. From the company and website of […]

By Simon Burns On 31 Jul, 2017 At 03:46 PM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 1 Comment

Skedaddle, available for iOS through the Apple iTunes store, and also for Android through the Google Play store (version reviewed), is a fascinating new take on travel apps. It is best described as a mix of Uber, Carpooling and Google Maps, all with a dash of social networking. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry it […]

By Brihanna Watson On 28 Jul, 2017 At 05:36 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

In the age of apps, there is never enough photo editing selections in the Google Play store. As days go by, they only get more and more creative. Jellify: Living Photos & Funny Effects app lets you not only snap photos with your device, but interact with them as well. Here is the app’s full […]

By Brihanna Watson On 28 Jul, 2017 At 02:40 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 1 Comment

We have all been there. A broken phone or device that we are hoping desperately we can recover something from. Could it be that all of that data is simply gone? Not so says PrimoSync. Primo Android Data Recovery is the first completely free data recovery for your Android device. Here is some of the application’s description: World’s […]

By Simon Burns On 26 Jul, 2017 At 07:37 PM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Word Find Fun, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a fun and worthwhile collection of word search puzzles. The game is free to download and features a couple of hundred puzzles to play though, and is not ad-supported which means the presentation is far cleaner than other games like this which tend […]

By Brihanna Watson On 25 Jul, 2017 At 01:35 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

With the growing popularity of games like and, the addition of similar games with varying themes to Google Play has really increased. Frog Eater IO Game adds their title to the mix with a fun frog filled competition that is sure to attract players of all ages. Here is some of the app’s […]

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