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By Simon Burns On 9 Dec, 2016 At 10:51 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 1 Comment

StayZen, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a pretty unique and interesting experience, with a combination of tough gameplay and gorgeous presentation creating a game that is quietly addictive.

The game takes a pretty big risk with the way it plays, as the base gameplay is actually quite difficult, but I do think that the risk pays off, as it has resulted in a more rewarding game. StayZen plays very much like a digital version of the sport, curling. You have to swipe the screen near your main object called Enzo in order to get it to move in the required direction.

The difference with this and other games is that you have to keep swiping to control the momentum, and this does have a learning curve. However, once you start to understand the way the game feels, then moving around starts to become easier.

You’re going to need to get good at it, because the game pulls no punches with the stages it offers up. There are puzzles galore, action elements and even bosses to defeat along the way. This variety in puzzles, gameplay and challenges helps to elevate the game above the multitude of other physics based puzzle games on mobile

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Use swiping motions to guide ‘enzo’ through obstacles, solve puzzles, battle bosses, and stay on the line as you move through eight stages and 80 unique levels of this epic adventure game. stayZen will challenge your gaming skills in a new way. Do you have what it takes to stayZen?

The game has a beautiful look, with objects looking like shadows on top of gorgeous pastel painting landscapes. One of the main draws in completing each level is simply to see what the next background picture will look like, they are really classy.

Overall, with lovely graphics and sonics, unique gameplay and plenty of intelligently designed levels provide quite a few hours of entertainment. The game is also completely free, so this does come highly recommended.

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