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By Brihanna Watson On 11 Apr, 2016 At 06:14 PM | Categorized As Reviews | With 0 Comments
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As a long time iPhone user, it is no secret that I am a fan of the Apple products. So far, they have not given me any reason to go elsewhere for my mobile phone needs. Taking that into consideration, one big gripe I have had for some time is the unfriendly software that is […]

By Brihanna Watson On 11 Apr, 2016 At 11:28 AM | Categorized As Reviews | With 0 Comments
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Looking for a video downloader that is easy to use with great professional features? Look no further than AllMyTube Video Downloader from Wondershare. AllMyTube allows users to download videos from a number of popular video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more. Grab entire YouTube playlists with batch downloads, including HD videos in 1080p and 4k. […]

By Brihanna Watson On 3 Apr, 2016 At 04:38 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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As more and more security issues arise on the internet, we are looking for better ways to protect ourselves. Mobile devices contain our whole worlds on them, so security is a top priority. Messages, phone calls, email; they are all at risk. The Pryvate Now app wants to assure you that they have the encryption […]

By Brihanna Watson On 23 Mar, 2016 At 05:27 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments
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The popularity of bite-sized video sharing has increased over the last few years and there are apps out there that are ready to supply the high demand. One such app, GrooveVideo – Video Editor with Music by Funflow, Inc. is here to be your professional video editor in your pocket ready to share your mini memories […]

By Brihanna Watson On 17 Mar, 2016 At 04:14 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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From chatting with your friends to entertaining yourself with an endless supply of cat videos, that smartphone in your pocket has more uses than your pocket knife ever did. Even perfect your golf swing. Swing Profile Golf Swing Analyzer, Training Aid and Coaching by Swing Profile Limited wants your golf swing to look just like […]

By Brihanna Watson On 27 Feb, 2016 At 10:40 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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Expression and creation in just about any form you can imagine in an almost limitless capacity is available in the App Store. The ability to share that creativity with other people and then collaborate has opened so many possibilities. With the popularity of comic books surging to the forefront it is no surprise that users […]

By Brihanna Watson On 25 Feb, 2016 At 06:20 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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One thing the App Store will never be short of is fun, happy time wasters. Quick to learn and play games just for the pleasure of a simple challenge and some short-lived enjoyment. Smash Animals Fun Animal Game by evox Inc. is here to deliver just that. Here is some of the app’s description: Smash Animals […]

By Brihanna Watson On 16 Feb, 2016 At 05:48 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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We previously visited the Wiper app when it was Wiper Messenger last year, an app aimed to give you the control over privacy when it came to your messages. This year we find Wiper has added even more great attributes and evolved into more than just a messenger app. Wiper by Wiper, Inc., provides you […]

By Brihanna Watson On 14 Feb, 2016 At 08:17 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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It’s that time of year again, the new year’s resolutions have started and with them, the desire to be in better shape. But who has money to pay for fancy personal trainers? Updown Fitness wants you to know you already have one, in your pocket. Updown Fitness by UpDown Technologies, Inc. is your own virtual personal […]

By Brihanna Watson On 5 Feb, 2016 At 04:44 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments
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Your camera roll is a sacred thing. When you show someone a picture, it is an unspoken rule that they are not allowed to swipe through and peruse your photos. Unfortunately, not everyone has seemed to get the memo about this rule, which is why you need a secure photo app like Reporter Camera by Artem […]

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