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A monthly feature here at TSAR, we take a look back at all the apps we have reviewed this month here on the site and give you a run down of the best ten. The apps are taken from the 24th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month. Why the 24th? Well, the reasons are just too mystical(and mundane) to mention here.

We take apps from all of our reviewers, and from all formats but it is important to remember that the list isn’t purely based on the score each app got, but rather a collective feeling of overall quality or importance. So, a game that got a score of 90% might find itself below an app that got 85% if we feel that the 85% rated app has that something special that makes it a more memorable title but just lacked a few features that marked it down in the actual review.

In essence, the reviews are more clinical, with the score coming from the brain, but this list is more from the heart.

So, without further ado;

10. Hungry Sumo, Format: iPhone, Score: 87%

Reviewed 30th October 2011, read full review here

Brihanna really liked the simple charms of this game, with the replay value in particular, garnering a lot of praise. The sense of humour was a high point, although she felt that the graphics were maybe a bit too simple they added to the fun nature of the app well.

Hungry Sumo - Ninja Kiwi


9. Order and Chaos Online HD, Format: Xperia Play, Score: 83%

Reviewed November 7th 2011, read full review here

Essentially, this is the Android version of the game but with added physical controls, and we thought that the controls added a lot to the game. A full 3D MMO action RPG, this is pretty much Warcraft for mobiles, and a great technical achievement by Gameloft. With possibly thousands of hours of play, this one had to be on the list.


8. R-Type, Format: Xperia Play, Score: 86%

Reviewed November 9th 2011, read full review here

Another Android game updated with the extra controls of the Xperia Play, this one actually transforms the game from feeling like another emulated version to a genuine contender for the best version of the classic R-Type around. R-Type, with perfect controls, in my pocket? Yes please.


7. Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, Format: iPhone, Score: 81%

Reviewed October 31 2011, read full review here

It is very rare that a movie conversion comes along that is actually any good, but here we have one. A careful and thoughtful game, this is a high quality adventure through and through, and shows that not all movie games should be treated with scorn.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn - The Game - Gameloft


6. Worms Crazy Golf, Format: iPhone, Score: 85%

Reviewed November 4th, read full review here

It is lucky that Brihanna reviewed this one, as your plucky editor is far too much of a Team 17 fan boy to judge this one correctly, and what she found was a great spin on crazy golf, with the hilarious worms used to good effect. Now, all we need is Superfrog…..

Worms Crazy Golf - Team17 Software Ltd


Read on for the top five apps! 

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