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FlashTrivia - Patrice Mallette
There are two ways of looking at this app. On the one hand, it is an extremely bare offering in terms of modes, with an extremely minimalistic look, no sound and absolutely no options at all. On the other, there are 2500 questions, and the app succeeds in doing what it sets out to do, which is to be fast paced.flash trivia

Once you boot the app up, you are presented with a variety of topics. Choose one, and you go straight into the quiz, answering quick fire questions, usually with either one word clues or answers, in a multiple choice format. Each time you answer a question correctly, a little meter grows, until you get to a milestone, such as five or ten questions answered, at which point it expands. Get one question wrong, and the bar is reset, and you go back to the start. The idea is to beat your own score, with stars awarded on the subject selection screen.

You can also share the app via Facebook and email, etc, and that is really it, with no other modes or options to be found.

The questions are of a high quality, and it can be pretty addictive, attempting to get to the next, difficult milestone and earn more stars. In a way, it feels like a trivia practice app, which is no bad thing, but I do feel there should be more here for a paid app.

Even the addition of a ‘general’ category, with questions pulled from all the others, would help a bit, as would the addition of Game Center leaderboards and achievements. It is fast paced; which is the idea, but a couple of extra modes, such as a simple pass and play multiplayer mode, or even a few options to change the theme and some sound, would really push that score below up a lot higher than it is.

Which is a shame, as Flash Trivia gets right the things most other apps get wrong- decent questions and a fast pace, it just need some more meat on those bones.

FlashTrivia - Patrice Mallette

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