Football Manager Handheld 2012 iPhone Review
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Football Manager Handheld™ 2012 - SEGA

It is time for another Football Manager game, this time the 2012 iteration, and that means it is time to get stat happy.

Yes, Football Manager 2012 is all about stats, screens and screens of stats but, if you are a fan of football management games, then this might just sound a little like heaven to you, and it should, as Football Manager 2012 is a very good game.

The first thing you will notice when you first start to mess around with the game is that the interface really does a brilliant job of squeezing all those options and screens into a fantastic interface that remains slick and smooth throughout. Sports Interactive have done a great job here.

The real beauty of the game is its surprising accessibility. While this is a monumentally deep game, there is a brand new, Challenge Mode that allows new and casual players to dip in to relatively quick challenges without having to go through the process of starting up a new career. The Challenge Mode is a great, and much needed improvement over last years offering and is a sign that the developer is really getting a grip on the iOS market. The challenge titled “The Saviour Cometh” is a star in it’s own right.

While the game is not as ‘complete’ as the full PC game, there is a lot here, and more than enough for most. In fact, the added portabilty of thius version means that many will opt to play exclusivly on iPhone, with many of the missing features strictly for the hardcore crowd.

The new ‘star players’ feature will help newcomers, and full social network support will encourage new players to give the game a try. Playing Football Manager 2012 on an iPhone is incredibly addictive, and you will find yourself using every spare minute to fiddle with your team, manage your club and scan the transfer market.

One small criticism is that, when you choose a lower league club, the game does become a shade more difficult than it really should, and I do feel for supporters of the smaller teams who may feel penalised by having top play through a more difficult game than supporters of top flight clubs.

The match view is great, and much improved over last year, and the quiet improvements to the search function are welcome.

Football Manager Handheld 2012 features some of the deepest and most addictive gameplay to be found on iPhone, and goes to show what the simple app has evolved into. The ability to play this on a big screen via Apple TV is an excellent addition, as is the save sharing support. It is an expensive game, but for the hours you will get out of it, worth every penny.

Don’t hesitate in snapping this one up, as it is a true companion for any football fan.


Football Manager Handheld™ 2012 - SEGA

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    If anyone has any feedback about the app or suggestions on what they’d like to see in future iterations of it please by all means post them here and let me know …

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