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By Simon Burns On 31 May, 2011 At 04:06 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

We have reviewed many iPhone puzzle games here at The Smartphone App Review, and not all of them are are worth your hard earned cash, so can Mooniz, an action orientated puzzle game, succeed in getting you to part with your money? Well, the answer really depends on what you are looking for in a […]

By Simon Burns On 31 May, 2011 At 12:23 AM | Categorized As Android, iPad, iPhone, News, WebOS, Windows Phone | With 2 Comments

This will, hopefully, become a watershed moment for The Smartphone App Review. In the recent months, we have gone from strength to strength, our readership growing by a factor of two each month for the last three months, an app in both the Android Market and the Windows Phone Marketplace, as well as a TouchPad […]

By Simon Burns On 27 May, 2011 At 06:44 PM | Categorized As iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

Soviet Montage have released Flare, the first app to enable HDR video shooting, in the Apple App Store. Don’t know what HDR, or High Dynamic Range imaging is? Check out the Wiki. Done that? Good, and as you can see, some of the results of this technique are extraordinary, and the fact that Flare actually […]

By Simon Burns On 17 May, 2011 At 10:56 PM | Categorized As iPad, iPhone | With 0 Comments

Epic subsidiary Chair Entertainment have released details of the forthcoming versus mode for their highly rated swordfighting epic, Infinity Blade. The new mode comes as part of an enormous update for the title, which includes a whole load of new single player items, such as magic rings, swords and shields, as well as an entirely […]

By Simon Burns On 15 May, 2011 At 09:40 PM | Categorized As Android, iPhone, News, WebOS | With 2 Comments

Polarbit, the developer behind the forthcoming TouchPad title, Armageddon Squadron 2, which also happens to be the only officially announced game for HP’s forthcoming TouchPad tablet, have shown off a video of a racing game they have in development. Currently titled Cracking Sands, the game is set to be a 3D Mario Kart clone with […]

By Simon Burns On 15 May, 2011 At 12:03 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Pocket Pool is an attempt to tailor make a pool game for a small screen. Unlike most pool or snooker games, the developer has not tried to fit a massive table into the game and have complicated 3D cameras to fiddle with to take your shot. No, here the action is viewed from a fixed, […]

By Samantha Myers On 12 May, 2011 At 09:12 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Coin Drop is the best thing to hit the App Store since Peggle was released. When I was first asked to review this game, I immediately thought it was a kids game but how wrong I was. I have now been playing endlessly for hours on end, and to be honest I can’t get enough. […]

By Simon Burns On 11 May, 2011 At 10:59 PM | Categorized As iPad, iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

Here at The Smartphone App Review, we want to thank you, our growing readership for all your support over the last few months, so we have teamed up with our friends at AlterApp to give away free upgrades of their new iOS app, CraigsFish. A Craigslist client, the app offers everything the website does in […]

By Simon Burns On 6 May, 2011 At 11:26 PM | Categorized As iPhone, News | With 2 Comments

Lightwood Games, developer of Wordsearch Party and Face Rivals for iOS, might just have their biggest hit son far on their hands with Worcle. We have had the chance to have a sit down and play with the beta version of the game, and we came away pretty impressed. The app is a puzzle game, […]

By Simon Burns On 1 May, 2011 At 09:12 PM | Categorized As Android, iPad, iPhone, News | With 1 Comment

Well now, Astraware have been busy bunnies recently. What with the release of Captain Cupcake and a lot of new things on the horizon(more on that soon!), the publisher has been firing on all guns recently, and their latest is an absolute steal, as it’s free. Available on iOS, in both iPhone and iPad clothing, […]

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