Parental Control App – A Modern Approach to Stop Cyber Bullying
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Bullying has been an issue since forever. If we have a look at the core of this problem, it’s nothing but a healthy and hormone driven youngster, going out of control. A passionate, energetic and strong young man interfering with someone’s limits. Yet, on the receiving end, bullying is a nightmare. Parents, as well as teachers, are worried due to this situation and they want to prevent kids from being bullied. However, bullying occurs where no one is around to safeguard a person and the internet is deemed to be the worst place for it.

Cyber bullying is a smart crime and we need a smart solution to fight against it. Cyber laws and cyber vigilance bodies cannot stop a person from sending threatening emails or social media messages to another person. However, a smart parental control app can do a lot to help an afraid teen and concerned parents. While your teen is away from your protective circle, you can help them without hassle. You can download any advanced parental app such as FamilyTime to keep track of who connects with your teen.

How parental App is the solution?


Parental control apps are great tools in keeping kids safe. These apps help parents know what their kids are suffering from without hearing their words. Using the app parents can monitor:

  • What contents their kids view over the internet. Are they looking for some help material or antidepressant solution? etc.

  • Who their kids connect with and who contacts them for what time.

  • Their bookmarks and favorites.

In addition to the monitoring, parents can also Watchlist suspicious contacts and stay notified every time the contact is made by either party. FamilyTime has a lot of features that help parents do the above and much more. The app helps parents know the situation and plan appropriate steps in time.

As per the reports, every 7 out of 10 people in the United Kingdom are subject to cyber bullying and this situation is getting worst day by day. Cyber bullying is preferred due to many reasons. Most importantly, because bully does not have to make a direct contact and also because they can conceal their identity from victims, their family, and the police. So, don’t let others take advantage of technology to harm your teen. Take the digital route now and download the parental control app on your phone. You can get it from your phone’s store or from the buttons below. Digital parenting is happy parenting!


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Want your app reviewed like this one? Get it seen by our massive reader base here Submit your app!

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