3 Ways to Enter a Locked Windows Account
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If you have ever run into a situation where you become completely helpless in accessing your computer due to losing password, then you have come just to the right place to undo your situation. And even if you have not confronted such a situation, then also the content of this article below will definitely be of great assistance to you in the nearby future if you happen to face any similar kind of ordeal. 

Precisely saying, losing or forgetting a password has become a common norm in today’s life where you have to mug up such a long list of passwords and user accounts, it is quite obvious for a user to be oblivious about a certain computer password. Keeping that in note, various methods and tools have been articulated to resolve this issue of unprecedented computer locking. Though most of them fail to live up to your expectation, and you finally end up with endless frustration, we have carefully chosen the right and appropriate methods for you to save you the trouble of searching for it yourself. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s explore the methods detailed below one by one.

# 1. To Use Passfolk SaverWin Software

This is the most accurate and hardcore software to deal with these kind of issues. The Passfolk SaverWin can actually disable the password security by manipulating the registry keys so that the when you turn on the locked computer, you are not ridicules with the password prompting any longer. But in order to know the workings of this tool, it is very essential to know the specifications of this tool to help you get familiar with it.

Passfolk SaverWin Specifications:

  • There is no need of re-configuration of OS.
  • No data is lost during the process of password disabling.
  • Windows desktop OS, like 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP as well as the Windows Server OS, such as 2003/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016, etc can be smoothly run with this tool.
  • The tool compatibility is extended to UEFI, DSI and Legacy BIOS based computers also.
  • No extra disk image burning tools are needed.
  • Internet connection is not mandatory.
  • Customer services are open 24×7 to answer your queries.

Once you get acquainted with the tool’s specifications, you must be prepared with a few basic things – An empty disk; an accessible computer; and the Passfolk SaverWin program file. 

After you are fully prepared with everything let’s head on with the user guide of this tool. 

It’s quite simple, firstly download and install the setup file on any spare working computer and open it up with full admin privileges to exercise full authority. From the main UI screen of the tool, click on “USB or CD/DVD” button to continue. Next insert your empty disk and click either on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” to burn the ISO image files to the disk. 

When the burning is completed, you will be shown a “Burning Successfully!” message. Simply click “Ok” to abort the burning process and continue.

Eject the bootable disk and reconnect it to the locked computer. Enter the BIOS utility settings and change the boot order to boot from the inserted disk. After the ISO file are loaded to the locked computer, click on “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” button one after another to begin the password disabling process. 

It will take some time before your computer is restarted, but surprisingly when it turns on, there will be no password enquiry any longer. 

# 2. Reset Password with Microsoft Account

If you wish to go for an alternate way apart from Passfolk SaverWin, MS account can help you to do away your job is few simple steps. As you might know that Microsoft account credentials are equally accessible by all the Microsoft services, be it Hotmail, Xbox, Skype, etc. Thus if you have got MS account password security enabled on the sign-in screen, then by accessing any other Microsoft service, you can reset the password easily. In order to do that, visit https://account.live.com/password/reset. Click on “I forgot my Password” option from the main webpage that turns up. Type in your Microsoft credentials and hit “Enter”. Now you are supposed to get a verification code (OTP), so you have to choose any particular mode, be it mobile or spare email-ID to receive it. Once you acquire it, enter it in the code field on the page, and click “Next”.

Now set a new password and save the changes. Now restart your computer and enter the recently generated MS account password on the sign-in page to get clear access to the locked account. 

But in case you had not enabled the MS account security facility on the login screen prior to losing your password, then this method would not help you in any way.

There is another alternate method that you can try if you are still satisfied with the above two methods. Continue with your reading to know them in detail.

# 3. Reset Password with Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is a very old and popular Windows Password cracking tool easily available on the internet. It usually implements hash tag algorithms and runs many simulations accompanied with brute force attack to retrieve the lost or forgotten password. So initially you have to install the software on any working computer by downloading it from its official website online. 

Burn the ISO image file to any blank disk to create the bootable disk and plug-in the studded disk to the locked down computer. Just wait for a moment before the program is loaded on the main interface screen. After it is loaded, just open the boot key options to locate the drive where you had installed your operating system in the beginning. 

All the registered user profiles will be displayed on the tool’s screen and you have to deliberately choose the locked account. Next right-click on the account and follow the following pathway:

Brute-Force Attack > NTML Hashes.

And that’s it! Your password will be shown on the user interface screen after being decoded by the tool. Restart your computer and use the recovered password to access your locked out account.

One thing you should note before using Cain & Abel is that in spite of being an old and famous program it takes a lot of time, sometimes several hours to complete the recovery of password due to being outdated.


All the methods mentioned above in the article are potent enough to give you the best result you are so seeking, but the last two methods have got certain discrepancies which do not make them perfectly suitable for your compromised computer. Thus it will be safer to rely solely on Passfolk SaverWin for the surest results. But once you get inside your locked user admin account and create a new account password, make sure to note down the password somewhere safely so that you can use it again in the future if need be.


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