Morfo Windows Phone 7 Review
By Simon Burns On 7 Apr, 2011 At 07:10 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 2 Comments

Morfo is currently the number one paid photo app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and it’s easy to see why, as the app is gorgeous to look at, and is quite the demonstration of Windows 7’s potential for shifting graphics around.

It is basically a photo editing program, with the emphasis on fun.

You can take a photo, or use one from your library. Setting the photo up takes a moment and you are away.

The app takes the photo and creates a realistic 3D image from it. The results are usually good, but be sure that you take the photo in a well lit room, as the app adds animated eyes, and they can look too bright on a dark image.

Various comical visual effects can be made to the face, such as making it look like a cat, a clown, or even making it appear fatter than it is. You can hold your finger around the face and a glowing wand will appear, and the face will follow it, dumbstruck and cooing.

The effects aren’t all visual, as the face can rock out to music, and you can also add your own voice to the character.

One of the things missing from Windows Phone 7 is the ability to take native screenshots, as you can in webOS and iOS, so it shows that the developer is thoughtful enough to add the ability to this app. The screenshot is saved in your photo album, and from here you can upload to Facebook, email or MMS the result to your friends.

As I said before, the technology on display here is really very impressive, with your character morphing between states both quickly and smoothly. When you consider the mathematics that must be going on behind the scenes to get this fully textured and morphed character to follow a light sourced object around so buttery smooth, it shows a developer with a lot of potential.

I would love to see this tech used in a proper productive application. Hopefully that is something the developer has planned for the future.

As a entertainment app, this is great, I just wish there were a few more tools to play with, maybe even getting two creations to interact. An online repository would also be cool, allowing you to browse other peoples creations.

Overall, a highly entertaining app that really puts others of its type to shame, technology wise. I would like to see more tools etc, but it’s easy to forgive something that looks and performs so well.

Buy it, then use it to show off your shiny new phone.



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  1. Jed Bickford says:

    Awesome, thanks for the review! 🙂

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