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By Simon Burns On 7 Jan, 2011 At 12:47 AM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Perfect Cell is the latest game from developer Mobigame, who are responsible for the outstanding Edge and Truckers Delight. Edge, in particular was an excellent release so Perfect Cell has a lot of work to do to keep Mobigames reputation as one of the best developers for Apple’s platforms. In the game you play the […]

By Simon Burns On 5 Jan, 2011 At 10:13 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 2 Comments

We have seen recently with our review of the Ketchup Cooking App for iPad that it is possible to create unique and interesting apps based on subjects that seem to come out of left field. Here we have Dream Home HD, essentially a photo collection of amazing rooms from stunning looking houses. The aim of […]

By Simon Burns On 4 Jan, 2011 At 11:32 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

A webOS gem, this free game from Under Clouds Games plays a lot like the classic mobile game, Snake, but with the setting in space. You take control of a little rocket ship, out to make a fortune through mining asteroids while avoiding the attention of rival miner craft. The action is viewed from a top […]

By Leon Harvey On 3 Jan, 2011 At 09:14 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 1 Comment

Is anyone dying for a slash??? If you are then you’ve come to the right place! What could be better after a long and stressful days work than venting your fury on some helpless fruits? Well if you find this idea appealing, you will probably want to check out this pretty cool game called Fruit […]

By Simon Burns On 24 Dec, 2010 At 10:39 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 2 Comments

Flight simulators are complicated. Accurate flight models, perfect recreations of aeroplanes using millions of polygons with thousands of hours put into making planes act realistically, with every little detail, from wind speed and air density to the detail of the cockpits meticulously poured over in every way, with the action taking place over landscapes that […]

By Leon Harvey On 24 Dec, 2010 At 09:33 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

“StarPagga is arguably the best multiplayer 3D space-shooter on the App Store!”-These are the opening words on this games download screen in the App Store… hmmm… I think somebody’s telling a few porky’s here, because I can assure you, this is by no means what it was described as. Now I’m sure we all familiar […]

By Simon Burns On 22 Dec, 2010 At 11:40 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Looking through the iPad App Store, there are a lot of crazy apps on Apple’s iOS platform. Everything you can possibly imagine is available to download, but the problem is, a lot of it isn’t even worth a free download as there is an awful lot of junk. Upon coming across the Ketchup Cooking App, […]

By Simon Burns On 22 Dec, 2010 At 06:29 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 2 Comments

The Palm Pre’s little cousin, the Pixi, is often ignored by media and consumers, and is even shunned by some in the Palm community. It isn’t as fast as the Pre, and you sure do miss those 80 pixels, but the form factor is beautiful and the keyboard is in a different class to the […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Dec, 2010 At 09:49 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Snake has always been the definitive mobile game. On ancient Nokia phones, guiding your snake around, eating pellets to increase its length proved to be extremely addictive, even on screens worse than the original Game Boy. There have been many attempts to resurrect the genre on smart phones, but with only limited success. The likes […]

By Samantha Myers On 18 Dec, 2010 At 09:42 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Countdown is based on the classic British TV quiz, which I have always been a fan of, trying to beat the contestants with longer words than them and on the numbers game using my maths skills, and trying to solve the random target number from the other six other numbers before the clock strikes! Now […]

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