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By Simon Burns On 8 May, 2011 At 02:11 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Those of you who have spent any time, or have owned an iOS device in the past may well know of a popular app named Paper Toss, or any of a dozen like it. Simple, but addictive, the games have long been a staple of the App Store. Indeed, there have also been a couple […]

By Simon Burns On 24 Apr, 2011 At 07:15 PM | Categorized As iPhone, News, Reviews | With 0 Comments

MobiGame have released a brand new game, Bulletproof. The game is released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty international, and all of the proceeds will be going straight to the charity. Not only that, but Mobigame developed the game for free. That’s no small thing, as developing a game not only takes money, but […]

By Simon Burns On 23 Apr, 2011 At 11:26 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Well, as it seems we are having a bit of an unofficial ‘webOS week’ here at The Smartphone App Review, we thought we would bring webOS users something a bit special, and that is an exclusive review of the latest version of Twitscoop Pro for HP webOS. This version isn’t yet available in the App […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Apr, 2011 At 08:29 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 2 Comments

WebOS has been gifted with some great music apps, even despite the fact that there are comparatively few apps in the catalog compared with other platforms. Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora and many more all give you a lot of options for streaming music straight from the web to your device. So, a music streaming app has […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Apr, 2011 At 01:57 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has been around for a while now, and the tactical action game arrives on the iOS App Store courtesy of Gameloft, the prolific French mobile publisher. The sharp shooting tactical gameplay has always had a strong feeling of realism running through it’s veins, so it was always going to be a […]

By Simon Burns On 18 Apr, 2011 At 10:20 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Doodle Shapes, brought to us by Blazing Applications, is a simple, but addictive game with a nice graphical style and decent gameplay. It’s not going to set the world alight, but is a good addition to your collection if you are after a casual game that looks and feels a little bit different, although a […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Apr, 2011 At 07:42 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

The internet is always surprising us. You think you know every tool, every major site out there, and then something you’ve never heard of pops up and surprises you. Pastebin is, for me, one such example, and one that is incredibly useful. A website that, basically, stores large sections of text for a limited time. […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Apr, 2011 At 12:56 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 1 Comment

You may know Mobigame for it’s (unfairly) controversial title Edge, Truckers Delight, or its recent stealth action game, Perfect Cell. They also have another, rather unassuming title in the iOS App Store, Cross Fingers. A quick glance at the icon in the store might make you think that this is simply a quick tangram clone, […]

By Simon Burns On 12 Apr, 2011 At 10:34 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

We have recently reviewed many games for iPhone that fall into the ‘simple casual’ category, and with varying levels of success. Here we have a game that has a lot of potential but falls down due to a critical lack of content. Married with an all too simple level design, there is quite a lot […]

By Simon Burns On 7 Apr, 2011 At 07:10 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 2 Comments

Morfo is currently the number one paid photo app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and it’s easy to see why, as the app is gorgeous to look at, and is quite the demonstration of Windows 7’s potential for shifting graphics around. It is basically a photo editing program, with the emphasis on fun. You […]

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