Trading Apps Add A Tech Advantage To Your Betting Systems
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People who like betting are likely to have taken their betting online in recent years, and anyone who wants to get the best odds and tightest margins will probably use a betting exchange rather than a normal bookmaker’s site. It’s an easy way to cut out the middle man, and of course, it offers you the possibility of laying as well as backing. So while everyone might get behind England in their next qualifier for Euro2016, for example, you could take the contrarian position and lay all those optimist bets and clean up when England disappoint.


Betfair is the largest betting exchange and for that reason, plenty of apps designers have been working on new betting trading apps which use Betfair’s live data. Trading apps allow users to have an edge over other exchange users who don’t use the apps as they can view multiple markets at once and make use of features such as one-click betting.

If you want a betting trading app that’s ideal for use with an iPhone, then choose iBet Mate which is a really easy to use Betfair interface that has been designed with the iPhone in mind. With iBet Mate you can see the latest market prices next to your market place and lay positions and any favourite events or markets can be bookmarked for easy access when you want it. It’s also really easy to see at a glance which of your bets is matched or unmatched.

To see which Betfair apps are compatible with the different platforms, it’s best to search by platform tab on the homepage of the Betfair app directory online. That way, you can easily eliminate apps that won’t be compatible with your mobile device. You can then narrow your search according to the betting markets that most interest you.

The best way to decide which betting app is right for the kind of betting systems you run is to download the free trial and test out your systems using the simulation mode. Though the simulation mode uses live Betfair data, it won’t require you to bet with real money. A free trial where you don’t have to place real money bets is an ideal testing ground for any punter who wants to take the first step in betting trading.

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Want your app reviewed like this one? Get it seen by our massive reader base here Submit your app!

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