Xnspy Review: What Makes an Android Spy App Undetectable and What You Can Do With It
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Business owners, concerned parents, and suspecting spouses often look for undetectable monitoring apps. The objective of using such apps is always to keep things in the

right order, to maintain workplace discipline and ethics, and to protect loved ones, or to catch a disloyal or cheating person. For this, the app has to work without giving away its presence in a target device. However, finding an app that truly is undetectable is not always easy. Xnspy has become one of the few monitoring apps that actually work entirely in stealth mode. This has raised questions about what makes such an android spy app undetectable.

The Trick that Makes an Android Spy App Undetectable

Creators of monitoring apps that must maintain stealth pay attention to using special technology. The technique they use enables the app to camouflage amidst other installed programs on the target device. The app would not save with the actual name but would save with something that would confuse the suspecting target person. This will make it impossible for the target person to detect the app and uninstall it. The design of Xnspy is using this technique, which is why once installed on a target device, it becomes undetectable. This is very important for it to serve users well as a monitoring app. You can see almost everything the target person does with his or her android device, even if it is a tablet or Smartphone.

The app gathers all the information it can and stealthily uploads the data onto your personal control panel. There, the dashboard has all the features you will need for comprehensive monitoring of a target device.

What You Can Do with an Undetectable Spy App

There’s a lot you can do with such an app. Without causing the target device to slow down due to less space, without causing the battery to run down too soon, and without causing the home screen to blink or turn on while you take remote control of the device, you can do the following things:

  • Turn on the Recorder – You can remotely record surrounding or ambient discussions. The target person will not suspect anything while the app records discussions and uploads them to your control panel. The files temporarily stored on the target device delete once the files upload to the control panel, eliminating any trace that can lead to suspicions that you are listening.
  • Record and Listen to Calls – You can configure the app to record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Once the app records, it uploads the files to the control panel so that you can listen to them at your convenience.
  • Read Text Messages, Emails, and IM Chats – The app allows you to access entire threads of incoming and outgoing conversations via SMS, iMessage, emails, and via different internet messenger apps. Xnspy allows you to access to the target’s WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, LINE, and KIK. You can see all incoming and outgoing call logs, photos, and videos too.
  • See Contact Lists and Block Contacts – The app has the capacity to allow you to screen the target’s contact list in the phonebook, including email contacts. You can remotely block unwanted contacts from future communication with the target person.
  • Track Browser History and Bookmarks – People often prefer to use the browser on their mobile device to browse. You can see all sites visited, the frequency of visits, and check bookmarked sites too.
  • See and Block Installed Apps – Sometimes, there is the need to block access to certain installed apps on the target device.
  • Watchlist Words, Contacts, and Places – Xnspy allows you to watchlist specific words so that it informs you whenever the target person uses them in emails and text messages. You can also watchlist contacts and receive alerts whenever they communicate with the target. If you want to know when the target enters of leave a specific place, the app has a geofencing tool designed to inform you of the target’s activity.
  • Take Screenshots, Lock the Device, and Wipe off Data – With this android spy app undetectable monitoring includes the ability to take screenshots at any time, locking the target device, and wiping off entire data in extreme cases.
  • Track Calendar Entries and Track Locations – You can remotely access the target’s calendar to see all scheduled plans. Moreover, you can to track their location at any time. The app keeps a log of all places visited by date, so you can know about the target’s activities.

As for the cost of this android spying app, well, it serves as a valuable and worthy investment because it offers effective and undetectable tracking solutions. You can try the features and explore how it works in the live demo available on the website. Moreover, it works on iOS devices as well so you can add as many devices to your control panel as you want.

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