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By Brihanna Watson On 3 Sep, 2017 At 05:35 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Here come the balls, falling from the sky. Should you let them touch the ground? I should say not, or your game is over. The premise is a familiar one, but it never seems to get old. Sky ball – ball drop Android app by LuxStudio, is adding some new elements to this classic game […]

By Brihanna Watson On 27 Dec, 2016 At 02:54 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Take the challenge and bend the rules of physics to concur the World of Ball. Here is the app’s full description: A magic portal is taking over planets. Will you be able to free them? Make your way with the help of cubes and try to bounce 6 consecutive balls into the portal. Figure out […]

By Simon Burns On 8 Jul, 2014 At 07:01 PM | Categorized As Featured, Featured Reviews, iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Simple Ball. It looks almost too simple for its own good, and I thought it would be just a poorer cousin of many other similar games that I have covered here at The Smartphone App Review. Well, as it turns out, I was completely wrong, […]

By Simon Burns On 21 Mar, 2012 At 10:56 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 1 Comment

Water Ball for Android is a difficult game to judge. One the one hand, it is based around a pretty clever and original idea, and executes this idea pretty well, but on the other, there just isnt enough ‘game’ here. A simple game, Water Ball sees you attempting to get a beach ball up a […]

By Simon Burns On 27 Feb, 2012 At 08:29 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

In Red Ball 3, you play as the titular character–a red ball with a face. There is an animation when you first start the game that gives the overall story–the evil Black Ball has kidnapped your girlfriend, a purple ball, and you must rescue her by making your way through all 20 levels. In each […]

By Simon Burns On 22 Aug, 2011 At 08:23 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Super Monkey Ball first got its claws into me when it was released as a launch game for the Nintendo GameCube. An action puzzle/platform hybrid, there is an evil core hiding inside the fluffy visuals and bouncy music that keeps you coming back for more punishment, even when you know you have reached the limit […]

By Brihanna Watson On 19 Jul, 2011 At 04:03 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Target Ballfor iPhone is a simple game where the user must get the ball from one end of the gameboard to a target at the other. There are many obstacles standing in your way, such as bars – with many different functions, black holes, blowers, springs and acceleration floors – just to name a few. […]

By Simon Burns On 9 Mar, 2011 At 07:06 PM | Categorized As iPhone, News | With 1 Comment

Ball Arena is an interesting looking new title from Cabaco Apps. Currently in review with Apple, the aim of the game is to defend a sphere at the centre of the screen from different balls that are attacking it. Featuring three area’s to play in, Cave, Forest and Space, there are a few cool little […]

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