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By Brihanna Watson On 1 Dec, 2016 At 07:18 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 2 Comments

With everything that can be added to your mobile device, the app adding can take a toll, making it sluggish and harder to use. What it may require is a much-needed boost. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner app by DU APPS STUDIO aims to rid your phone or tablet of performance lag for a more […]

By Brihanna Watson On 25 Aug, 2016 At 08:53 PM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

What any of us want is to have a nice device that works efficiently. Usually out of the box our Androids are working as advertised. Add some customizations including widgets and favorite apps and soon your shiny toy begins to be sluggish. There are plenty of tools within the settings of your device to keep […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Jun, 2015 At 10:49 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 0 Comments

This is the second time this week that I have gone back and reviewed an Android app that we have previously covered here at The Smartphone App Review, with the other being the sister app to this one, DU Battery Saver. So, over a year after DU Speed Booster scored an impressive 90% in our […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Jun, 2014 At 10:57 AM | Categorized As Android | With 0 Comments

Speed booster apps have always been a popular section of apps for Android, and are only becoming more so due to the fact that devices get older and slower with newer versions of the Android operating system. Any device you get, even the latest and fastest phones and tablets, will eventually get bogged down by […]

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