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By Simon Burns On 13 Jul, 2011 At 12:01 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

The brainchild of Peter Molyneux at Lionhead Studios, Fable is an action RPG that has been around since the original Xbox. Loved and hated in equal measure, although hated more and more with every passing sequel, truth be told, the franchise has started to branch out recently, with the recently announced Kinnect spin-off, Live Arcade […]

By Samantha Myers On 12 May, 2011 At 09:12 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Coin Drop is the best thing to hit the App Store since Peggle was released. When I was first asked to review this game, I immediately thought it was a kids game but how wrong I was. I have now been playing endlessly for hours on end, and to be honest I can’t get enough. […]

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