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By Simon Burns On 3 Sep, 2012 At 07:26 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Valley of Death HD for iPad is a decent enough action game that plays a little like a horizontal version of BattleBow, but with more of an emphasis on action. That is no bad thing at all, as I loved BattleBow, and to tell the truth, there is a lot that I like about Valley […]

By Oliver Stockley On 3 Mar, 2012 At 09:41 PM | Categorized As Featured Reviews, iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Barbarian – The Death Sword ($1.99) is a clunky, boring remake of the 1987 Amstrad CPC game Death Sword. The gory 2D fighter controls badly and looks dated, is sluggish, needs major control tweaks and is too difficult. The worst thing about the game, though, is its appalling hit detection. Even if it’s clear that […]

By Oliver Stockley On 29 Oct, 2011 At 10:21 PM | Categorized As Featured, iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Death Rally is a perfect example of the brilliant value that can be found in the app store. First released in 1996, this visually updated re-release of the game follows 2009’s free-to-download re-release of the original game on windows from the Remedy Games website. I never played the original game, but if it was anything […]

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