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By Brihanna Watson On 20 Sep, 2017 At 04:10 AM | Categorized As Android, iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Owning your own home is exciting. The best part is it is yours and you can mold it anyway you want. The issue is, there aren’t a lot of tools out there to help you with the molding. Kukun: Home Remodel Costs & ROI app for iOS and Android is here to help. Here is […]

By Simon Burns On 2 Sep, 2012 At 10:49 AM | Categorized As iPad, Mini App Review, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Our Mini App Reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money. Home Of Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw puzzles are something […]

By Oliver Stockley On 15 Nov, 2011 At 10:59 PM | Categorized As Featured, iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Flick Home Run is almost exactly what a 99 cent mobile game should be: a simple concept, executed well, that hooks you immediately and doesn’t let you free. Its core simplicity limits the potential for faults that might ruin the game, resulting in a polished, fun experience that’s easily worth investing in. Although I’m pretty […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Jun, 2011 At 12:16 AM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

The loneliness of space is something that very few videogames have managed to really portray, either in the past or with the current generation of games, so it’s pleasing that A Long Way Home manages to get the feeling of being totally alone in the far reaches of space across. You play an astronaut, stranded […]

By Simon Burns On 5 Jan, 2011 At 10:13 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 2 Comments

We have seen recently with our review of the Ketchup Cooking App for iPad that it is possible to create unique and interesting apps based on subjects that seem to come out of left field. Here we have Dream Home HD, essentially a photo collection of amazing rooms from stunning looking houses. The aim of […]

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