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By Simon Burns On 14 Mar, 2012 At 10:19 PM | Categorized As Featured, Featured Reviews, iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Crazy Horses is that rarest of beasts; an iPhone port of a Windows Phone game. We reviewed the original title for Windows Phone way back in July of last year, and thought it was a fabulous exclusive for Windows Phone, but unfortunately, neither Microsoft or even the specialist Windows Phone press really picked the game […]

By Simon Burns On 6 Sep, 2011 At 11:01 AM | Categorized As Featured, Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

The guys over at Nice Touch Games don’t seem to need to sleep. Barely a month has passed since we reviewed their excellent puzzle game, Crazy Horses and we are already sitting down to review the follow-up. The game is a prequel to the original Crazy Horses and tells the story of just how there […]

By Simon Burns On 28 Aug, 2011 At 11:13 PM | Categorized As Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

If you are a Windows Phone 7 game fan, then you would no doubt have picked up Crazy Horses by now, which we rated 92% in our review. The developer, Nice Touch Games has let us know about a whole load of Crazy Horses related announcements that are sure to please fans of the game. […]

By Simon Burns On 28 Jul, 2011 At 01:20 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

I don’t think Microsoft realise just what they have got on their hands here. An exclusive title that is as good a game as titles like Angry Birds and Flight Control, maybe even better than them. I always liked Flight Control, and gave it a great score in my review for Android, but I always […]

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