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By Brihanna Watson On 30 Aug, 2012 At 04:23 AM | Categorized As Featured, News, Windows Phone | With 2 Comments

According to the swirling news of the interwebs, Windows Phone 8 will be set to launch October 29th. This will be just days after the desktop version hits the market. There has been no confirmation from Microsoft on this date as of yet. What is known is October is already expected to be filled with […]

By Brihanna Watson On 14 Aug, 2012 At 06:00 AM | Categorized As Featured, iPad, iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

It seems Siri will be getting a boost in the productivity department in the new iOS update. Until now it has been able to help with simple tasks such as send messages and open emails. With Siri coming soon to the iPad, there will be some supped up features coming as well. Including the ability […]

By Brihanna Watson On 3 Aug, 2012 At 04:38 AM | Categorized As Featured, iPad, iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

So it seems a day has been set. The announcement day for Apple’s new iPhone, and possibly the iPad mini, will be September 12, 2012. The release date for the new iPhone is expected to be 9 days later on the 21st. This all according to, who say the, “information comes from sources who […]

By Simon Burns On 8 Aug, 2011 At 03:11 PM | Categorized As Android, iPad, iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

Gameloft have let us know that the next installment in its popular golf franchise, Let’s Golf! 3 will launch on iPhone and iPad on August 11th. The game will launch as a freemium title, although no word as to what you initially get for free has been heard, we would imagine that you get a […]

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