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By Simon Burns On 9 May, 2016 At 05:02 PM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Graphic adventure games, of the classic ‘point and click’ variety, are seemingly a perfect fit  for modern, touch screen smartphones and tablets. The menu based interfaces and pointer based movement are tailor-made for mobile. Indeed, the fantastic ScummVM emulator is proof positive of this, with classic graphic adventures running wonderfully on mobile. There have been a […]

By Simon Burns On 15 Aug, 2011 At 01:29 PM | Categorized As iPad, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Now, if you have read my review of Monkey Island 2 then you may be aware that I’m a bit of a fan of what we used to call graphic adventures, and that is true, but with one minor alteration, and that is that I am a fan of good graphic adventures. Luckily, it seems […]

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