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By Brihanna Watson On 15 Sep, 2016 At 07:36 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

It is the classic video game story, the battle of good versus the forces of evil. Click the bad monsters away in Shadow Clicker by UPgames.┬áHere is the app’s full description: !!! The game requires at least 1 GB of RAM Dark forces try to conquer your world. Can you summon up all strength, gather […]

By Brihanna Watson On 4 Sep, 2016 At 10:42 PM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

The fun of the internet is anyone can express themselves how and when they want to. That includes satire and the creation of memes. Now it’s easier than ever to create your own with Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton.┬áHere is the app’s full description: Do you want to make a post with thousands of likes? […]

By Simon Burns On 26 Jul, 2014 At 02:59 PM | Categorized As Android, Featured, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Side on fighting games have never, truly worked on touch screen devices. Yes, there have been a few notable strong efforts over the last few years, from some absolutely massive developers, such as Capcom and Namco. The problem, as far as I can see it, is that there are few truly talented developers creating fighting […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Apr, 2011 At 01:57 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has been around for a while now, and the tactical action game arrives on the iOS App Store courtesy of Gameloft, the prolific French mobile publisher. The sharp shooting tactical gameplay has always had a strong feeling of realism running through it’s veins, so it was always going to be a […]

By Simon Burns On 7 Mar, 2011 At 10:15 PM | Categorized As iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Unit has appeared on dozen of formats over the years, and the latest in the series has been announced for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Utilising tactical action form a first person viewpoint, it will be interesting to see how this turns out, as all action arcade style FPS games such as NOVA […]

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