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By Simon Burns On 19 Aug, 2011 At 04:46 AM | Categorized As News, TouchPad, WebOS | With 0 Comments

HP today announced that it was dropping all webOS devices, with all hardware support ending completely by the end of 2011. It seems like madness, as only a few months ago, HP announced the Veer, TouchPad and Pre3 at its ‘Think Beyond’ event. The hardware giant promised to ‘double down’ on webOS, but it is […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Jul, 2011 At 08:44 PM | Categorized As Reviews, TouchPad | With 0 Comments

The publisher 10 Tons has taken the fledgling HP TouchPad App Catalog by storm, and is proving itself to be the number one games publisher for the new tablet, with the already reviewed Sparkle HD, Azkend HD and now this showing how to bring quality games to the TouchPad. We will also be reviewing another […]

By Simon Burns On 15 Jun, 2011 At 11:43 AM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

The first thing that impresses you when you first boot up Slide RSS is that there is a cool little animation on the apps title screen. Not a major thing by any stretch of the imagination, but a lovely touch, and it makes me wonder why other apps don’t have things like this. Ok, so […]

By Simon Burns On 10 Jun, 2011 At 10:02 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 2 Comments

WebOS users who love Twitter are a really lucky bunch. There are some great Twitter clients out there, with Bad Kitty, Carbon, Twee and many more all vying for your attention. It’s strange, as the HP webOS App Catalog has far fewer apps than any other smartphone platform, yet the ratio of excellent Twitter apps […]

By Simon Burns On 9 Jun, 2011 At 01:31 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Mite. is a time management and resource tracking service that exists as a Website, and it is a really good and comprehensive tool. They have an API, and now a developer has created a webOS version, Mite. Touch. The site is pretty complicated, so it was always going to be a challenge to fit it […]

By Simon Burns On 8 Jun, 2011 At 10:25 PM | Categorized As News, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Phnx for webOS has been submitted to the official HP App Catalog, and should be available to download within a week, according to it’s developer. The Twitter client has been available as a beta for a while now, and has been impressing webOS fans with it’s multi panel interface and blazing speed. You can check […]

By Simon Burns On 8 May, 2011 At 02:11 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Those of you who have spent any time, or have owned an iOS device in the past may well know of a popular app named Paper Toss, or any of a dozen like it. Simple, but addictive, the games have long been a staple of the App Store. Indeed, there have also been a couple […]

By Simon Burns On 23 Apr, 2011 At 11:26 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

Well, as it seems we are having a bit of an unofficial ‘webOS week’ here at The Smartphone App Review, we thought we would bring webOS users something a bit special, and that is an exclusive review of the latest version of Twitscoop Pro for HP webOS. This version isn’t yet available in the App […]

By Simon Burns On 20 Apr, 2011 At 08:29 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 2 Comments

WebOS has been gifted with some great music apps, even despite the fact that there are comparatively few apps in the catalog compared with other platforms. Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora and many more all give you a lot of options for streaming music straight from the web to your device. So, a music streaming app has […]

By Simon Burns On 17 Apr, 2011 At 07:42 PM | Categorized As Reviews, WebOS | With 0 Comments

The internet is always surprising us. You think you know every tool, every major site out there, and then something you’ve never heard of pops up and surprises you. Pastebin is, for me, one such example, and one that is incredibly useful. A website that, basically, stores large sections of text for a limited time. […]

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