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By Simon Burns On 26 Jul, 2017 At 07:37 PM | Categorized As Android, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Word Find Fun, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a fun and worthwhile collection of word search puzzles. The game is free to download and features a couple of hundred puzzles to play though, and is not ad-supported which means the presentation is far cleaner than other games like this which tend […]

By Brihanna Watson On 16 Jun, 2017 At 12:40 AM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Pics and puzzles seem to go hand in hand these days as more and more photo puzzles can be found in the Play Store. The 4 Pics 1 Word app can be found there with various categories of photos to challenge your brain. Here is the app’s full description: ★NEVER-ENDING FUN WITH NEW PUZZLES ADDED DAILY!★ […]

By Brihanna Watson On 18 Jan, 2017 At 05:58 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 1 Comment

Looking to learn a new language and have fun while you do it? Study! a Language Word Game could be just the app for you. Here is some of the app’s description: Study! Language Word Game is a new word puzzle game from Fantasy Crafter studios. Do you spend hours hooked on puzzles or block games? […]

By Simon Burns On 9 Nov, 2016 At 04:05 PM | Categorized As Android, Reviews | With 0 Comments

The Final Word, available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store, is an app that aims to help pranksters and would-be comedians have a little fun with their devices by playing audio tricks on people. The app features a set amount of curse word-ridden phrases that allow you pull off some clever […]

By Simon Burns On 10 Jul, 2014 At 11:32 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured, Featured Reviews, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Guess The Word, or Tidy Up as it is otherwise known, available for Android through the Google Play Store, is an addictive and moreish treat that deserves a lot of attention as an interesting puzzle word game with added social elements and a real feeling of progression. The game stars Terry the penguin, who appears […]

By Simon Burns On 8 Sep, 2012 At 09:59 PM | Categorized As Featured Reviews, iPhone, News | With 0 Comments

I reviewed Word Cracker for iPhone a couple of months ago and loved it. An original, attractive and enjoyable puzzle experience, Word Cracker is a quiet, hidden gem on the App Store, and now EOZ Games have updated the game to make it even stronger. The main addition is a brand new game mode- themed […]

By Simon Burns On 21 Jun, 2012 At 10:23 PM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 2 Comments

Yesterday, we reviewed Roman Backgammon, an interesting title for iOS from developer EOZ Games. That game was understandably limited by the format and traditional styling of the classic Backgammon boardgame, but here we have Word Cracker, a completely original game from EOZ Games. Now they have the chance to spread their wings, how do they fare? […]

By Oliver Stockley On 17 Feb, 2012 At 10:39 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Word order is a free anagram-style app from developer AppForMore. Rather than having you rearrange letters to make a word, the app gives you scrambled sentences to rearrange within a time limit. A simple enough idea that results in a boring app. The sentences are supposedly interesting facts, like “dolls are considered to be the […]

By Simon Burns On 2 Feb, 2012 At 10:10 PM | Categorized As Android, News | With 0 Comments

Toy Studio have let us know that their interesting word game, Word Off! will be launching on many formats, including iPhone and Android, sometime towards the middle of this month. The developer describes the game as “a bit of Boggle, a bit of Risk and a lot of words”, and judging from the screens this […]

By Brihanna Watson On 3 Jul, 2011 At 12:56 AM | Categorized As iPhone, Reviews | With 0 Comments

The variety of word games in the app store is a wide one. Word games can become best sellers, as the giant Words With Friends has demonstrated. The great thing about these games is that they are not just fun to play, but they are great brain boosters. The short game play is just enough […]

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