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By Simon Burns On 13 Sep, 2011 At 01:42 PM | Categorized As Featured, Interviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

Nice Touch Games are one of the few developers creating games exclusively for Windows Phone 7. A two man team comprising of Richard Bunn and David Green, they have already pumped out two quality games for the platform in Crazy Horses and it’s follow-up Match Maker, so we wanted to know what was coming next […]

By Simon Burns On 12 Sep, 2011 At 07:19 PM | Categorized As Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

You may or may not know that we have an app in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Based on our site, it allows you to view all the latest news, reviews and videos right on your Windows Phone. Well, we have just released an update to the app that adds a few extra bits and fixes […]

By Simon Burns On 8 Sep, 2011 At 12:17 PM | Categorized As Featured, Reviews, Windows Phone | With 2 Comments

One of the main reasons that Apple doesn’t allow Adobe Flash on their devices is the potential competition from free online games. I can see their point, but I don’t agree with it, after all most Flash games I have tried playing on a mobile with Android 2.2+ or webOS 2.0+ are usually too slow […]

By Simon Burns On 6 Sep, 2011 At 11:01 AM | Categorized As Featured, Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

The guys over at Nice Touch Games don’t seem to need to sleep. Barely a month has passed since we reviewed their excellent puzzle game, Crazy Horses and we are already sitting down to review the follow-up. The game is a prequel to the original Crazy Horses and tells the story of just how there […]

By Simon Burns On 28 Aug, 2011 At 11:13 PM | Categorized As Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

If you are a Windows Phone 7 game fan, then you would no doubt have picked up Crazy Horses by now, which we rated 92% in our review. The developer, Nice Touch Games has let us know about a whole load of Crazy Horses related announcements that are sure to please fans of the game. […]

By Simon Burns On 24 Aug, 2011 At 05:37 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

There have been a few Windows Phone 7 exclusives, some good, some not so good. Tentacles is an exciting and highly original game that really gives Windows Phone 7 owners something to lord over their Android and iPhone owning friends. Essentially a platform game, the title is a pseudo 3D trek around the body of […]

By Simon Burns On 28 Jul, 2011 At 01:20 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

I don’t think Microsoft realise just what they have got on their hands here. An exclusive title that is as good a game as titles like Angry Birds and Flight Control, maybe even better than them. I always liked Flight Control, and gave it a great score in my review for Android, but I always […]

By Simon Burns On 18 Jul, 2011 At 11:09 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

A good game marred by greed, Beards & Beaks is a title that you will walk away from feeling pleased with the decent gameplay, but it will leave a bad taste in your mouth as you wonder what on Earth Microsoft where thinking when they came up with the pricing strategy for the game. I […]

By Simon Burns On 13 Jul, 2011 At 12:01 PM | Categorized As Reviews, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

The brainchild of Peter Molyneux at Lionhead Studios, Fable is an action RPG that has been around since the original Xbox. Loved and hated in equal measure, although hated more and more with every passing sequel, truth be told, the franchise has started to branch out recently, with the recently announced Kinnect spin-off, Live Arcade […]

By Brihanna Watson On 11 Jul, 2011 At 04:11 PM | Categorized As Android, iPad, iPhone, News, Windows Phone | With 0 Comments

We have scoured the interwebs to bring you the latest and greatest app deals for the day! And not just iPhone and iPad, but Android and Windows 7 as well. With app store prices fluctuating like the stock market, it just doesn’t make sense to pay full price! So check back everyday for your daily […]

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