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Optimisation seems to be the latest key word in Android Apps. Android allows apps to do far more than they can do on iOS, so speed boosting and memory cleaning can be incredibly important for users, especially as their devices get fuller and fuller and the Android OS gets more bloated. Users with older phones are in even more need of something to clear out their phones and to give them a speed boost.

However, although Android allows this kind of modification, its openness also leaves it very open to attack by hackers and spammers, meaning that it is all too easy to get a virus on your precious phone.

So, these two problems, optimisation and security have traditionally been handled by two or even three apps together, which kind of defeats the point of the optimisation in the first place. All these things running in the background can actually be detrimental to performance.

This is where 360 Security steps in. To put it simply, it does it all. Optimisation to an advanced level and bulletproof security in one lightweight but robust package, 360 Security also has another trick up its sleeve. It is completely free, offering features usually only found in the most expensive of security and optimisation apps for the nifty price of nothing. It will also save you a fair bit of battery life.

Here are some of the app’s best features, straight from the developer:Screenshot 2014-07-24 at 15

►Phone Checkup
All-in-one solution for your phone that performs virus scan, vulnerability scan, trash scan and security protection check with one tap.

Keep your system safe from the latest threats with dual-layer antivirus protection of 360 QVS and cloud engines.

►Phone Cleaner
Clear trash files, privacy history and corrupt APKs. Free up megabytes and gigabytes of storage for photos, music and videos.

►Accelerator & Power-saver
Scan and close idle background apps as well as clear private usage history with one tap. You can also enable Lock Screen Power-saver mode to perform automatic clean up and thereby extending battery life.

►Calls & SMS blocker
Block unwanted phone calls and SMS and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

►App manager
Manage your apps easily and efficiently. Get daily recommendation of latest apps and games from built-in AppBox.

An all-in-one anti-theft solution, should you lose your beloved phone. Alert, erase, locate, alarm and lock features assist you on retrieving a lost device and protect the important data.

►Data monitor
Make full use of your data plan and manage your apps’ network activities. No need to worry about excess data charges.

Secure your communication info with SPECIAL ONES and encrypt your special apps.

►Contacts backup
Backup your contacts, SMS, calendar events and even 360 Security settings to the SD card, for easy restore.

►Real time protection
Scan installed apps and local apk files in real-time and also monitor each installation process.

►Privacy advisor
Serves as your guide to keep you up to speed on apps accessing your data.

►Floating window
Toggle device settings and optimize your device with just one click, all within our new ‘Floating window’ feature. Drag the tiny floating blue circle to the position indicated and check out what happens.

►Multifunctional notification
Notification bar now comes with multiple shortcuts: Alarm clocks, flashlight, recent screen and boost device. (For Android 4.0 and up)

►Shake and Cleanup
Shake the phone to easily kill running tasks and release RAM to boost your phone.

So, lets take a closer look at how many apps this could potentially replace on your phone. Your full security app, your contacts back up app, complete optimisation app, battery saver app, even your data checker! All for free.

I have been reviewing Android apps for a long time now, and yet I am amazed by what the developer has included here. The interface is as easy as pie to use, even if you have never used an app like this before, and everything is attractive and well designed: easy on the eye and easy on the wallet.

Overall, it is very difficult to find fault with this. The best way to describe the app would be as a complete automated system manager, and when you consider the fact that this is completely free, this can’t come recommended highly enough.


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  1. I can’t access any of my accounts, like Gmail,Facebook,Mymail,Messenger,etc… I have tried to unlock with the draw lock & it keeps telling me the wrong code, & when I go to try to change the code it still won’t let me, I have tried to deactivate & unstall the 360 Security but it still won’t let me, please contact me & help me on this matter (832)366-6872 Ms.Ja McC

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