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We have reviewed a few games from developer Annurig over the course of the last two years or so, and all the games follow the same design ethos. Fiendishly addictive puzzle games designed for real fans of the genre, with a high degree of difficulty that still manage to remain fair, these games are all completely different but all also share one negative: that they are very basic in terms of presentation. Aside from Electrified Puzzle, which looked far better than the rest.

Despite this, these games all great, especially if you like a bit more difficulty with your puzzle games. Now, with 4four, with have the game that perhaps, defines the developer. Taking the simplistic look and running with it, 4four definitely doesn’t look like much, but just you try to put it down after you have started to play it.

4four gives you four moves to clear a series of squares with a variety of smaller squares inside them. You clear the bigger squares by aligning rows and columns of the smaller squares and combining the squares together. It sounds confusing, but a nifty interactive tutorial will have you ready in a minute or two and you will soon be spinning and dragging the squares like an old pro.4four

Essentially a simple logic game, this soon becomes very tough with real planning required, even for just the four moves allowed. However, I did find that I was never stuck for too long on one level and many times I would swoop twenty or thirty levels aside before finding one that I couldn’t get my head around. Luckily, the developer has made the very wise decision of unlocking all the levels from the start, so you can pick and choose levels as it suits you, even working your way backwards from the final level to the first. There is even a ‘random level’ button that will pluck a level for you to try, which actually turns out to be a great way of continuing after you have cleared all the levels.

There 400 levels to play through here, so content is most certainly not a problem, and I do feel that the developer has been very generous here. When you have completed a level, it is highlighted in the level list, but I think there is one extra thing that would add some more longevity for hardcore players, and that is if you got a special award for finishing a level in one go without an error. Yes, some people will just exit and re-enter the level to get the award, but it would still be a nice extra and they would still have to memorise the stage. Each level that you finish without an error could turn gold, and I know it is something that would push me to revisit particular levels.

The game is simple logic, but is very addictive. The basic sounds and looks may put some people off, but this is a great puzzler, which is completely free with no ads, and is another addition to Annurig’s secret stable of puzzle games that the world hasn’t noticed yet.


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