5 Apps to Help College Students Save Money

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5 Apps to Help College Students Save Money
By: Erin Konrad

Fit into that stereotype of broke college student? Well, you’re definitely not alone! It can be so easy to feel strapped for cash when you’re living that student life. But, there are some ways that you can better save and manage your money. Here’s a look at five apps that can help!

1. Mint

One of the best steps you can take to manage your money is to become more fully aware of your spending habits. The Mint app lets you connect directly to your bank account, so you can keep track of exactly where your money goes. You can also create different budgets for yourself, so you’ll be better able to skimp on those extras (hello daily Starbucks lattes!) and save for more important expenses like rent and textbooks. Plus, the app can help you feel more organized when it comes to paying your bills (on time of course!).

2. UConnection

Just because you’re broke, it doesn’t mean you want to miss out on fun stuff to do. The UConnection app helps connect you with deals and special promos from dining and nightlife locations near your campus. The discounts will help you save money, but you’ll also get inside info with student reviews of all the coolest hotspots. The best part is that you can even get free gift cards for referrals you make to the app!

3. Epicurious

As a college student, it can be so easy to just eat out all the time. But ordering tons of delivery can end up hurting your bank account. With Epicurious, you can search more than 28,000 recipes to make a delicious (and inexpensive) meal at home. You can even search for recipes based on what you already have in your kitchen or how confident you are in your cooking abilities (it’s totally acceptable just to do the easiest recipes only!)

4. CampusBooks.com

CampusBooks allows you to get great deals on all those expensive textbooks you have to purchase (some titles are as much as 90% off!). You can see all available offers and then compare their true prices with tax and shipping added in, so you’ll always be sure you’re getting the very best deals. You can also rent or sell your own textbooks too! While you’re saving on textbooks, you can also save money on cheap essays if you just can’t seem to get that term paper written by yourself.

5. GasBuddy

Never overpay for gas again! This free app lets you type in your location, and then it’ll give you a list of all the cheapest gas prices within a 50-mile radius of you! So, instead of driving around trying to find the most inexpensive gas for your ride, check out GasBuddy to help save you mega bucks!

Stop overspending now, and use these five awesome apps to help you save some cash!


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