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If you are an avid user of multiple social media sites, then Aggreg8, available for Android through the Google Play store, will be a fantastic option for you to save some time and keep tabs on news and trends far easier than ever before.

Aggreg8 simply aggregates the three main social media sources, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, into one feed, but goes further than many apps of this type by creating one profile for each source that pulls together information from all three sites.device-2015-12-20-192526 2

What this means is that, if you follow Taylor Swift, then you are essentially getting her official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates in one place, which makes things a lot easier for followers.

You can even do searches across al three sites at once, using hashtags or other search terms. The results are superb with a great cross-section of opinion, media and news for any search. You can even save hashtags and use them in future searches.

I loved the way you can follow a person or news source from within the app and that then allows you to always get every possible social tidbit from them in the future. After adding a few favourites, your feed ends up looking like a more advanced and wider reaching Twitter feed, and it is all the better for it.

There are only really two problems with the app at the moment. First of all, many celebs and news sites share identical content across two or three of these networks, meaning that the same story, written in the same way, can appear multiple times, clogging up the feed. An option for removing similar results, with a pull down to access them would be best here. The second thing is that there needs to be more than the three current social network sites, but I am sure the developer is working on bringing more in.

Aside from those two small issues, this is a great supplement to your social networking life, with a great interface and intelligent design. I am sure it was not easy getting these three sites to play nicely in one stable feed, but the effort was worth it, as Aggreg8 is a very decent social app.


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