Alarm Clock – Electric Dawn Android Review

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Alarm Clock – Electric Dawn, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a superb alarm clock app that creates a nice ambient atmosphere, waking you up slowly and gently.

The basic idea behind the app, and part of what differentiates it from built-in alarms and many other apps, is that it has a two stage wake up process. The first part is both visual and audio based, with a sunrise animation playing with a gentle sound to begin to slowly get your attention. This is followed by a more traditional alarm, which should wake you up.

The reasoning behind the two-part process is that it is supposed to wake you up with much less of a jar than normal alarms do, while still doing an effective job of getting you up. I can say from a few day’s of use that it does seem to wake me up in a far better mood than usual.

The combination of the sunlight and noises really does help.Alarm Clock   Electric Dawn – Android Apps on Google Play Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Electric Dawn includes seven high quality Nature Sounds. Each sound is recorded using professional audio equipment and runs for at least 1 minute before looping:
* Summer birds singing a dawn chorus.
* Beach with rolling sea, lapping waves and seagulls calling.
* Tropical rainforest with birds, crickets and other exotic sounds.
* Plus many more…
* You can also use your own music and recordings.

If you don’t like the timings of the app, or even the sounds, it is all completely customisable. You can set how long it takes the initial sound to fade in, as well as the main alarm sound, can choose to loop the sounds and change the snooze duration. One superb little option is to tell the app to override your brightness setting, which is great if you have the screen set to a low brightness overnight, as the sunrise will still be as bright as it needs to be.

Overall, this is a great alarm app, and comes highly recommended.

We have been able to get our mitts on some free copies of Alarm Clock – Electric Dawn for you! Here are some free codes which you can enter in the Google Play store to get you a free copy of the app- be quick!

If you didn’t grab a code in time, keep an eye on the site we will have more to give out in the future.
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