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Optimisation seems to be the latest buzz word in Android Apps. The Android system allows apps to do far more than they can do on iOS, so speed boosting and app security can be extremely important for phone users, especially as their devices get faster and the Android OS gets more bloated. Users with older phones are in even more need of something to give them a speed boost.

However, although Android allows this kind of modification, its openness also leaves it just as open as iOS when it comes to someone stealing your phone and getting instant access to your precious apps, or even someone you know taking a peek at some information about you by sneakily looking into your apps.

So, these two problems, optimisation and security have traditionally been handled by two or even three apps together, which kind of defeats the point of the optimisation in the first place. All these things running in the background can actually be detrimental to performance.

This is where AppMaster steps in. To put it simply, it does it all. Optimisation to an advanced level and app security in one lightweight but robust package, AppMaster also has another trick up its sleeve. It is completely free, offering features usually only found in the most expensive of security and optimisation apps for the nifty price of nothing. It even has some nifty app and data backup options.appmaster

Here are some of the app’s best features, straight from the developer:

Lock: Lock & protect your Apps, messages, and other chatting tools with a simple pattern/password. It enables you to one-tap locking Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail, quickly and easily.
Hide Gallery:Got a few ‘personal’ pictures on your cellphone? No more worries, a brand new ‘Hide Your Gallery’ function is coming to App Master so no more leaks ever after!
Boost: One-click cleaning up your mobile devices with maximum boost, free up its memory and speed up your phone
Backup: Backup & restore all your Apps and settings to the SD card. The backup function empowers you to share your Apps with your friends Mobile-Data-Free.
Customize theme:The lock screen can now be personalized with different themes at the latest version. Enjoy your lovely “Night”, your sweet “Christmas”, your private moment with a little “Fruit Smashing” as well as the hot “Cricket Game”; explore and dive into the “Pixel World”, the “Mysterious Space” and all the upcoming cool new themes! – AppMaster, more than a lock.

So, lets take a closer look at how many apps this could potentially replace on your phone. Your app security app, your back up app, complete optimisation app, and even your private picture storing(soon) app. All for free. The ability to lock Facebook and Whatsapp will be a great help to many users.

I have been reviewing Android apps for a long time now, and yet I am amazed by what the developer has included here. The interface is as easy as pie to use, even if you have never used an app like this before, and everything is attractive and well designed: easy on the eye and easy on the wallet.

Overall, it is very difficult to find fault with this. This offers fantastic app security, backups, upcoming private picture storage and even performance boosting, all with lovely themes to choose from. Highly recommended.


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