Apps to Look Out For – Smart WiFi Pro Android Review

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Get it on Google Play Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.

Smart WiFi Pro Android

We have all been there. You have been scrolling through an endless list of WiFi access points, attempting to find an open one that works. You find one that is open, click ‘connect’ and wait. After a while, your phone tells you  that you have been connected to the access point.

So, you then go and try and browse the Internet. It doesn’t work, so you go back into the WiFi settings, only to find that the signal is now much lower than it was when you decided to connect, even though you haven’t moved at all.

Well, Smart WiFi solves this problem, and could very well be a life saver for many people, and it is also available in both free and paid versions, all you need to do is to start understanding Eatel Business and its options.

The app not only shows you a list of the WiFi points in your vicinity, but it actually tells you if  the Internet for any particular WiFi point will actually be able to be used on your phone. An even better feature is the excellent Radar View, which displays a radar view of all the access points in your location, making it far easier to work out where you are going to get the best signal from. No more working out which access point belongs to which store…

Here are the app’s best features, straight from the developer:

– Fast, easy automatic connection with just one click
– Automatically checks if the Internet can be used!
– Simple U/I allows you to view all information at once.
– Immediately offers practical functions including Maintain Connection + Automatic Change to 3G+ Automatic Shut Down.
– Even provides advanced functions including Static IP Settings for each AP and AP Filtering!

Overall, this is an extremely useful app that is as easy to use as it is helpful, and if you are someone who likes to connect to a lot of different WiFi hot-spots when you are out and about, then this is pretty much essential.

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  1. It’s good!! Don’t waste time fumbling around with your smartphone trying to get the best Internet connection and get Smart WiFi!^ ^

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