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Audiobooks Now, available for Android through the Google Play store, has to be the most impressive audiobooks app I have ever used. App choices are often personal things, as many genres of apps have selections of apps that are very similar, but Audiobooks Now stands head and shoulders above the rest. Yes, I am including Audible in ‘the rest’.

Audiobooks Now is a lot cheaper per month than Audible, but that isn’t the reason I prefer the app and service. I find Audiobooks Now to be a better app, with a more open feel and it certainly seemed to download similarly sized audiobooks a lot faster than Audible does.

The one area where Audible wins is in its selection, which can’t be argued with. Yet, Audiobooks Now are growing all the time, and I was never short of a book or two to read on there. It is the reason this review is so late…

Audiobooks Now gives you the option of streaming or downloading titles, and also lets you buy books outside the subscription plan, if you so choose. Some audiobook services don’t offer either of these two features, which is baffling. The quality of the sound on the audiobooks is top-notch, at least it was on the phones I tested on. I even tried streaming it through a browser, and it still seemed good quality.audiobooksnowandroid

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Browse
– Search
– Filter / Sort
– Sign Up
– Purchase
– Download
– Auto Bookmarks
– Rate Audiobooks
– Auto Incoming Call Pause
– No Data or WiFi Connection Required after Audiobooks are Downloaded
– Sync Audiobooks and Bookmarks across Multiple Devices
– Manage Audiobook Library
– Manage Account
– Contact Support
– Help

One particular feature on that list, ‘Auto incoming Call Pause’, is one I tested extensively, as audiobooks not pausing when a call comes in is a bit of a bugbear of mine. Thankfully, the app performed perfectly in this regard, and paused playback every single time, with no overlap at all. This is impressive, as I have had this particular problem occur with just about every other audiobook app I have ever used.

Audiobooks Now are currently offering a free 30 day trial, after which the subscription fee is a very reasonable $5 a month, which grants you a 50% discount off your first purchase every month, and a 40% discount with every following purchase that month. This works out really well if, like me, you tend to buy one or two audiobooks a month. With the free trial, you can get quite a few books for a very small outlay in the first couple of months. There are also a few completely free audiobooks to listen to.

Overall, I am really impressed with what Audiobooks Now are offering. The app itself is superb, and the service is well stocked and comparatively cheap. Highly recommended, especially as the first month is free.


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