Barnyard Bash Android Review

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Barnyard Bash is not your everyday match game. Battle barnyard heroes against the Evil Alien Eggs by matching gems for powerful attacks to become victorious. Here is some of the app’s description:

Match gems to create combos and attacks. Unleash unique Barnyard Hero super moves, and find equipments to help your quest to save the world from the Alien Egg Invasion!
Bash your enemies to level up your Heroes and discover stronger allies. Take your team online and challenge players around the world!

Will you be the next champion?

Barnyard Bash Features:

Addictive Matching Battles!

– Match 3 or more gems to attack with your Hero
– Matching 4 or more gems creates an ultra-powerful special piece
– Fight your way to the top and defeat your enemies

Collect Dozens of Unique Heroes!
– Collect and battle wacky Heroes like Macho Deer and Raccoon Thief
– Collect, Attack, Repeat: Defeat enemies to get new Heroes…

When the app begins, a quick tutorial will explain how to play. When you clear the colored elements on the board, your hero will attack the enemy. Matching three elements in a row will clear them, but the more you connect at once, the better combo items you will receive, like bombs that do extra damage. When your hero is ready, press the Super button for a unique super attack during battle. Your ultimate goal is to beat the enemy within 60 seconds, so you have to move quick. Users can sign-in as a guest and update their profile with a name and description, or connect with Facebook. Connecting a Facebook account and adding friends will earn rewards and an extra bonus, including hearts, gems and coins. Be sure to check your inbox and claim them.

After this quick learning session you can now go to the World map and begin battle. Each level will grant you stars for your win. Once you have conquered the stage with three stars, you will be rewarded with items to help you in the stages to come, and believe me you will need them. Beat all the stages to take back the world, just be careful of the Egg Bosses. Coins, upgrades and hero shards are awarded and allow you to add heroes to your gang.

There is a lot going on in this game. There is an equipment area to upgrade equipment, an Incubator to fill for hatching rewards, hero shards that combine to create more heroes, etc. Multiple heroes can be added and managed and each one has their own attack level with pros and cons. They can then be strengthened by combining them to maximize their abilities. Of course you can use real money to buy gems with in-app purchases in the Gem shop to fast track the process.

It takes a bit of playing time to really understand how everything works in this exciting app, but once you do, this game is hard to put down. You have to play constantly to upgrade your heroes to beat each stage. The aim of this game is definitely to keep you playing and coming back for more. With things like the Incubator that restarts each day, you will be wanting to make sure you get your rewards before it resets. Barnyard Bash is full of colorful characters, not all of them barnyard related but fun none the less. There is fun, quirky music that plays in the background and amusing animations during the battles as well as the Home area. One really unique feature is the Arena, where you can fight other online players. This keeps things interesting and is a nice break from the stages as well as a good way to earn rewards.

Barnyard Bash is an involved and addictive game that will be a staple for any player that loves a good match game. The app is available on the Google Play store for free.


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