BECOKU Android Review

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Becoku, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a nifty puzzle game that is presented in a classical style and provides and series of through head scratchers that are fiendish yet surprisingly fair.

The game is set on a board of initially blank squares, with the idea being to fill them all up. Touching a square will fill it in, but you can then only touch squares that are in a certain radius of that initial square. These squares, which are three blocks away vertically and horizontally, and two blocks away diagonally, can then be filled in, but you can only choose one, and then the cycle continues.

The game requires intense planning, especially if you want to fill up the whole board, which is a very tough task indeed. You can change the layout of the stage to make it easier, or tougher to complete, and there is a handy help function to show you how you could have done better.

Scores are saved, and you can also share content to Facebook, which really helps with giving the game an extra bit of longevity.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:becoku

• You can set the grid for different levels of difficulty
• Limited Number of moves
• Small size of the application for operation on any iOS and Android device
• clean graphics, simple and immediate
• The perfect game for your free time and challenges with friends
• Share your results on Facebook and challenge your friends
• Help in the app to find the best solution for who are beginners

Getting a grid completed in the best way, and competing with friends could potentially become pretty addictive, and it is this online functionality that really gives the game that little bit more.

The basic puzzle here is excellent, and one of the best I have played in an app like this for quite some time. The only area where the app is let down is in the presentation, which is a bit too basic for my taste. Yes, it is clean and functional, but I feel more could be done here to give the game a fresher look.

Overall, this is a great little puzzler, and one that will provide many hours of brain teasing for a small fee. I recommend a purchase of Becoku for anyone looking for a decent new puzzle game.


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