Bubble Pop Arena Android Review

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Android app on Google Play Bubble Pop Arena for Android, available via Google Play, is a bubble popping game that is similar in some ways to Nnooo’s game Pop! which was popular on both WiiWare and iOS. The difference here is that there are random cannonballs that you must stop from popping any bubbles, because whenever one hits a bubble it reduces the high score.

This does add a certain level of tension and skill that other games of this type can’t offer with simple popping. The game is very simple, but actually pretty addictive in many ways, as the rhythm of the popping slowly makes you feel more and more compelled to play.

There are 20 levels to play through, each with increasing difficulty, although I do feel the developers have missed a trick here. The levels don’t add any variety, only increased speed, and if they only had levels where the bubbles and cannons all came from different angles, it would add a lot to the game.Bubble Pop Android Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

This is a different take on bubble pop games as you will be actually popping them with your fingers and not matching up bubbles. The Ground and the cannonballs will take away from your score so watch out. This game was made by DeMDA games Visit us at www.DeMDAgames.com Please feel free to send any e-mail or questions please enjoy this free game and have fun.

The graphics are colorful and simplistic, although I did like the different backgrounds you can find in the game. One small thing the developers should take on board- sort out that app icon! It needs to be far more attractive if you are after downloads, guys.

This is actually a game with some potential. Add some variety, spruce up some of the menus and text, and you have got a very good game. The basic gameplay is actually pretty good, and it ran pretty smoothly in my experience, and with some nice sprite and background graphics, there is a lot to like here. Lets hope the developer pushes on from here and improves the game.

70 Android app on Google Play


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  1. Thank you for the review i am very receptive to all feedback and appreciate it. I have made all the changes in my latest up date and appreciate your time and effort. I would be glad if you ever want to take a look at the updates please feel free i think you will like them 🙂 have fun

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