Buddy Rush: The Legends Android Review

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Now this is a great little package that has an almost unbelievable amount of content and modes that you just wouldn’t expect from a cutesy mobile RPG. In Buddy Rush: Return of the Legends, which is available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store, you will find just about everything you would expect from a big, console RPG.

There are many modes you can take your characters through, such as the standard story progression in the mission mode, PVP arenas and even raids to take on. It is fair to say that the raids are not the kind that take hundreds of hours to complete, but there are some huge bosses to be found here, as well as what is probably the very best loot to be found in the game.

Like the previous game in the series, a lot of Buddy Rush: Legends is based around the characters of the buddies that you control and befriend. Each one has their own quirks and personalities, and they do stand out as something that is a little more personal than avatars for other, similar titles.

The game has a typical RPG levelling system, with every activity giving you precious experience and potential loot to improve your ‘buddies’. This is a mobile RPG, so it does also include an autoplay mode, which is essential for games like this.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Cute and charming 3D animated graphics!!
– PvP Arena Mode – Fight others from all over the world!!
– Raid Mode – Fight EPIC bosses for even more EPIC items!!
– Mission Mode – Embark on an unforgettable RPG adventure and bring peace to the Kingdom!
– Customize! Thousands of wearable cute gear which also enhances your Buddy’s stats!
– More than 150 variations of different buddies to use and collect in battle!
– And more!

The game has some well animated and designed graphics that are bright and bold. There are plenty of variations, both in terms of enemy design and world design, so there always seems to be something new to find or fight.

This is a game that could keep you going for hundreds of hours, especially with the PVP mode, as it is quite addictive. With plenty of modes, decent gameplay and excellent graphics, Buddy Rush: Legends is one to watch for RPG fans everywhere.


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