Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire Android Review

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Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire, available for Android tablets and phones through the Google Play store, does exactly what it sets out to do, and is all the better for it. A streamlined yet entertaining experience, arrow focused on fans of the Tri Peaks variant of solitaire, this is both attractive to view, and addictive to fans of the genre.

Tri Peaks is a solitaire variant where the idea is to clear three ‘peaks’ (or deals) of cards in one deck. It is a game that has proven to be very popular, with many versions available for tablets and other devices. This particular game for Android stands out as it does everything really well, and is also superbly presented with a nice sheen to the graphics.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:tri peaks

– classic Tri Peaks gameplay with 2 extra deals
– no time pressure, score is unaffected by how long it takes to solve the board
– limited undo, depending on your level
– bonus wild card
– sound effects
– tap on the card on the board, and it will fly to the stock if it’s a valid move
– share your Tri Peaks Solitaire score via e-mail, Facebook, twitter or any other option
– submit your score to the online charts and show your friends or foes who’s the Tri Peaks Solitaire Master
– show off your Tri Peaks card game chops by unlocking various achievements (awards)
– your tri peaks solitaire game is automatically saved when interrupted, continue where you left off

I really liked the fact that there is no time limit to complete each game, and you can ponder your next move for as long as you like. It could be a good idea to have an option of adding a time limit for hardcore players, however. For me, the lack of a time limit felt right but I am sure others will want one.

Solitaire is the very opposite of a social game, and is obviously designed to be played alone, but as anyone who shared one copy of the old Microsoft Solitaire with workmates will attest, competition for having the best score among friends can be intense. Luckily, the developer has included many ways to get that spark of competition back among your friends, as scores can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and email accounts, and the game allows you to submit your score to a nifty online leaderboard.

Rounding off the content here are a list of achievements that can be unlocked and shared among friends.

Overall, this is a great version of Tri Peaks solitaire. With good looks, plenty of ways to share your scores with friends and excellent presentation throughout, Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire is recommended for genre fans, and may even attract new players to the variant with its social tools.

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