Codots Android Review

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Codots, available for Android through the Google Play store is a new action puzzle game that takes a simple concept and runs with it. The aesthetics of the game are excellent, with decent graphics and a good soundtrack, and the core gameplay is good, but I was most impressed by the way the developer actually took the time to play with the idea, adding more game modes which boosts the game’s lifespan.

The game is very simple to play. You control two rotating planets in the middle of the screen, one blue and one orange. In the default mode, tapping the screen makes them switch positions on the screen, with one sitting on top of the other. They circle each other and sit vertically each time you do this.

Small spaceships, each also either blue or orange, will appear from the top and bottom of the screen, and you must simply tap the screen to ensure that each spaceship hits the same coloured planet. If you get it wrong and blue hits orange, then it is game over. It is a simple idea, but it works really well. The further you go, the faster the ships fly, and after you get to 10 or so on the scoreboard, you really can’t make any mistakes as you just don’t get the time to rotate more than once or twice.

There are also various temporary upgrades, such as one to slow down time for a while, to collect to help you out and provide a dash of variety to proceedings.

Many developers would have left it there, but the dev here has really tried to enhance the experience as much as possible with the inclusion of game altering game modes. There are four in total, including the standard one that I have described. My favourite is the one where ships can come in four directions instead of two, and where you can also rotate the planets four ways. It really adds to the dynamics of the game in a satisfying way.

There is also a mixed mode, which is decent, and a fiendishly difficult mode where you have to tap and hold to rotate the planets. This mode is very difficult indeed and is only for highly skilled players.

I enjoyed the theme of Codots, as the simple yet effective graphics look pin sharp and full of colour, with the planets rotating very smoothly and the little star ships looking like something from Asteroids, back in the day. It is all tied together with some great, space opera-style music.

Overall, I was very impressed with Codots and it comes highly recommended to anyone that is looking for a new puzzle game with a great theme and multiple modes.


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