Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer Android Review

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Repair and colorize your favorite photos automatically with the Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer app. Here is some of the App’s description from the Google Play Store: 

Colorize! is a photo colorization app used to colorize your old and black and white photos. 100% automatic and based on the advanced Automatic Machine Learning.

Except for Picture Colorizer, this app also supports more functions, like Old Photo Enhancer – which can enhance the quality of photos and turn blurred images into clear, Old Portrait Retouch – will enhance facial contour and bring stereoscopic effect.

Use the powerful AI photo colorize function to turn old black and white photos into vibrant and colorful photos in just 1 click. At the same time, the system will automatically enhance the picture, the processed picture will be clearer, and the memory seems to return to the distant past.

The Colorize app makes it easy for users to adjust their photos with just one click. Simply select the photo you want to use and upload it to the enhancer. The app will use its machine learning to colorize and automatically enhance the photo. The end result will even show a slider to move across the picture to show the before and after. Additional filters and enhancements can be chosen to tweak before saving the final image.

Colorize has multiple options to choose from when it comes to enhancing photos. Colorize and recover black and white photos, retouch and fix blurry photos, and remove the scratch and repair photos.

When testing the app’s capability to colorize, I uploaded a decolorized photo and then had it re-colorize to see how close it came to the original. I have to say, I was very impressed! The colors were very similar with just a bit more of a vintage flair. Another interesting feature of this app is user uploads are removed after 24 hours to protect privacy, relieving any worries of photos being accessed by others.

The app can be used up to ten times for free before a subscription is needed. For unlimited access, plans range from $6 monthly, $19 yearly, or $29 for the lifetime plan which includes Colorizer Pro access and no renewal payment. Colorize Pro allows large photos up to 6000 x 6000 and no ads. With heavy use, this can more than outweigh the cost of an instant retouch.

For users needing an easy-to-use app, capable of these kinds of retouches, they won’t find any better than this mobile app. The Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer app is available now for free in the Google Play Store.


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