CooCooPlanet Android Review

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CooCooPlanet may just be the cutest game on the Android platform, with a sugary sweet theme hat will either turn you off or attract you to its food-themed charms. The game plays like a standard freemium time-based builder with an emphasis on raising creatures and expanding your level to allow new areas to be unlocked.

In this, it works pretty well, with plenty to build and do. Doing anything takes time, and you can purchase items that allow you to build things instantly.

The best thing about the game is the attention to detail in the theming and the obvious work that has gone into the graphics, which although almost too cute, are actually very well done and a cut above the usual IAP based games of this type.


Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

▷ sweet pastry with a motif -driven virtual planet and the CooCoo
▷ face , hair , clothing items CooCoo driven through making your own
▷ take care of a friend’s CooCoo -driven education system receive

There are many hours of potential gameplay here, and the lovely visuals keep the attention for longer than most games of this type.

There is a large extra file to be downloaded when you first boot the game up,but the game doesn’t inform you of this very well, with just a small bar along the bottom of a splash screen. This means that it looks like the game has crashed, but it hasn’t; just wait for the file to finish installing. looking at the game’s reviews on Google Play, many have complained that the game hangs on the title screen. The developer should create an alert to prevent people thinking this.

Overall, this is a surprisingly decent take on the genre, with a super cute look and plenty to do. It may not set the world alight, but CooCooPlanet is a worthy addition to Android.


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