Cool-matesTV Android Review

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Cool-matestv is a really handy app that could prove to be one of the most useful you can find on Android. Available for Android through the Google Play Store, Cool-matestv is an app that adds some brilliant TV functionality to your Android phone or tablet.

I will let the developers tell you, in their own words, what the app is all about:

Watch FilmOn LiveTV from over 200 LIVE TV Channels for free in SD Watch on Apps or the Web for free. enjoy over 500 VOD Channels! We host over 45, 000 video on demand Web TV titles that have been cleared for worldwide distribution. Live Sports News Movies and great free streaming TV Entertainment including TMZ Live, The Best of UFC, The Soup and many more. These are all from providers like CNN, Disney, ESPN Fuel, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC, BBC, RAI, FRANCE and many more!

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The first thing to remember is that the app is completely free: no sign up costs or and usage costs at all, as well as being free to download. Of course, all of the TV stations that the app provides are all streaming services, so you will need an internet connection to use the app properly, and Wi-Fi is always the preferred option, as you may get charged for the data over 3G/4G.

The list of channels available for each country is impressive, and the picture quality was OK for the most part. The quality is completely dependant on the picture quality of the source, so any poor quality broadcasts are not really the app’s fault. Most of the time, we had no problems getting the channels to work, but there were some buffering problems here and there, and sometimes channels wouldn’t start up. Again, this was a very rare problem, and not something that bothered us.

Overall, this is a great free app with a lot of TV stations to choose from. With the app being completely free, there is a lot to love here, and I liked the way it collates all the TV stations and channels for easy browsing and viewing.

Well worth a look.

Get it on Google Play


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