Countdown of the 10 Best Apps of the Month: January 2012

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A monthly feature here at TSAR, we take a look back at all the apps we have reviewed this month here on the site and give you a run down of the best ten. The apps are taken from the 24th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month. Why the 24th? Well, the reasons are just too mystical(and mundane) to mention here.

We take apps from all of our reviewers, and from all formats but it is important to remember that the list isn’t purely based on the score each app got, but rather a collective feeling of overall quality or importance. So, a game that got a score of 90% might find itself below an app that got 85% if we feel that the 85% rated app has that something special that makes it a more memorable title but just lacked a few features that marked it down in the actual review.

In essence, the reviews are more clinical, with the score coming from the brain, but this list is more from the heart.

So, without further ado;

 10. Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, Format: iPhone, Score: 80%

Reviewed 12th January, read full review here

We really liked Star Marine, and felt it was a decent stab at a Contra/Probotector style game for iPhone. The great bosses are a highlight, as are the generally decent and chunky graphics. An over reliance in IAP’s and some control issues did spoil the experience somewhat, as did some drab enemy designs, but that doesn’t detract too much from what is a good run ‘n’ gun platform shooter. The missing multiplayer hurts more, but this still comes recommended for those looking for a difficult single player game.

9. Super Crate Box, Format: iPhone, Score: 70%

Reviewed 6th January, read full review here

This game got a far lower score than many other sites awarded it, but we feel 70% is justified. A brilliantly imaginative platform game that is hamstrung by a lack of content, Super Crate Box gets nearly everything right. An endless supply of enemies must be taken down by an excellent array of weapons while you collect as many crates as possible. It is great fun while it lasts, but a tiny selection of levels, enemies and modes mean that this is a simple high score chaser. Try the free PC version and ask yourself if you will still be playing it in an hour, let alone a week. Great but too insubstantial.

8. Grabatron, Format: Android, Score: 80%

Reviewed 17th January, read full review here

Like Super Crate Box, Grabatron is a great game spoiled by a couple of big problems. Here, instead of lack of content, it is performance that is the problem. Aside from the frame rate issues, this is a riotous blast. Taking control of a marauding UFO that can grab and throw people, vehicles and even buildings around an open world landscape, this is often as funny as it is playable. With some nice graphics and physics, Grabatron should be a must have, and it would be if it wasn’t for the pesky frame rate problem.

7. Run Roo Run, Format: iPhone, Score: 83%

Reviewed 12th January, read full review here 

This is the latest game from the creators of Super Scribblenauts Remix, and you can tell it is by the same team from the moment you clap eyes on it. We felt that this game was surprisingly fun and inventive, although the graphical style did leave us slightly cold. The best thing about this simple game is the sheer amount of content you get for your money; 420 levels plus ten new levels released, free of charge, every week. That should be enough to keep anyone going, although the lack of a level editor was slightly disappointing.

6. Experiment 13, Format: Xperia Play, Score: 80%

Reviewed 8th January, read full review here

A highly inventive physics based platformer, this Xperia Play exclusive is a steal for free. You take control of a wayward lab assistant and undertake a quest that sees you spinning the levels around, messing with gravity and taking on some clever puzzles. With nice pseudo 3D graphics and a good smattering of levels, this is a game that every Xperia Play owner should try. The little extra challenges on each level actually add a decent bit of lifespan to the game and prove addictive and rewarding.

Check out the top five after the break…

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