Countdown of the 10 Best Apps of the Month: January 2012

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5. CubeSieger, Format: iPhone 4S, Score:85%

Reviewed 10th January, read full review here

Oliver took on the CubeSieger challenge with his trusty iPhone 4S and came away really impressed with the virtual board game. With fairly deep gameplay and an impressive set of options and modes, CubeSieger is a decent board game that brings quite a bit of freshness to the tired old genre. Perhaps a little too easy to master, CubeSieger is nevertheless a great game to while away a few quiet hours in front of that Retina display. With online modes that add to the experience, CubeSieger is a well rounded package.

4. Football Manager Handheld 2012, Format: iPhone, Score: 90%

Reviewed 3rd January, read full review here

So, we come to the first 90%+ rated game of the month, and it is a beauty. Football Manager Handheld 2012 is a soccer management simulator that brings a staggering amount of stats, leagues and gameplay to the iPhone. With more options than you can shake a stick at, not to mention a slick new interface that really impresses, this is an absolute must buy for football/soccer fans. It may still baffle those fans that would rather play actual matches in FIFA, but for the hardened fan, this is excellent.

3. Snap2PDF, Format: iPhone, Score: 95%

Reviewed 19th January, read full review here

Brihanna really loved this productivity app, and it is easy to see why. A fully featured PDF app that converts any picture you take with your iPhone’s camera and automatically conerts it into a PDF, this is an exceptionally handy tool. With a whole bag of options hiding under a slick and interesting interface, Snap2PDF is going to save anyone who downloads it a lot of time and hassle. It is nice to use an app that just works exactly as it should, so Snap2PDF comes highly recommended.

2. Jazz: Trump’s Journey, Format: iPhone, Score: 90%

Reviewed 19th January, read full review here

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful platform game. With sublime visuals and ace gameplay, this inventive and playable platform game grabs you from the first moment you load the app up. Following the journey of a jazz musician who is in possession of a magical time stopping trumpet, the music and visuals swirl you away to a time long past as you explore New Orleans. With plenty of levels to keep you playing and a lot of different gameplay elements, this is one of the best platform games you can buy on iPhone.

1. Smash Cops, Format: iPhone, Score: 91%

Reviewed 12th January, read full review here

This brilliant race/action game was only released for a few hours before being delayed for a week, but we managed to grab a copy, and how lucky we were. The innovative push controls are enough to win this game first place this month, but when you add almost console quality graphics, fast cop chases and superb mini games to the mix, then you have something that is dangerously close to a mobile classic. Racing around on any other touchscreen interface will never be the same again as you will be pining for Smash Cops before long. Brilliant, innovative fun.



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