Creator Studio Mobile Android Review

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Thinking creatively while trying to run a business gets more and more difficult the more popular the business becomes, as thinking time gets more limited the busier you become. Sometimes, you just need help thinking things through and deconstructing problems.

That is where Creator Studio hopes to come in and provide an essential tool. The app allows you to enter an idea into different kinds of ‘studios’ and then attempts to give you help building on it with a series of words and phrases related to keywords in your idea that are actually pretty helpful. They do at least let you focus on the right things and to cut out all the extra stuff that may be distracting you.

Here, in the words of the developer, is what the app does:

Suppose… you could start a powerful application on your device, type in a situation you want to focus your creative thinking on and immediately be guided by wizard-like software through your creativity session, step by step. Interacting with creativity tools, creating new ideas, solving problems, inventing and innovating to achieve your desired goal.

Imagine… your team using this creative thinking and innovation software to focus the power of their collective intelligence, knowledge, experience and creative abilities toward achieving the most challenging goals.

During your creativity session you can access the Ideas Log at anytime to review all of the ideas you have entered and all of the ideas will be permanently saved in a session report file. After the creativity session, the session report file should be reviewed in an effort to create even more ideas. When more new ideas come to mind, just type them in.

What will You achieve with Creative Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Innovation?
· Grow your business.
· Out think your competition.
· Build a company wide creative thinking culture.
· Launch a continuous improvement program.
· Create new products and services.
· Improve existing products and services.
· Rapidly respond to dynamic business demands.
· Develop new marketing and sales strategies.
· Develop new business strategies.
· Reinvent businesses.
· Create innovative solutions to problems.
· Invent at the leading edge of what’s possible.
· Change the world.
· All of the above Plus, lots more!

So, it can help you with building ideas and brainstorming, and may be particularly helpful in teams or groups. The app does allow you to view ideas logs of your ideas, but one thing I think is missing here is some kind of report facility where you can get complete breakdowns of everything that you and your team have come up with, and the ability to break it down into what each individual team member came up with would also be a help.

Overall though, this is a helpful app if you feel you need this kind of thing. It isn’t something that I would personally use, but I know that many people and businesses would see benefits from using this kind of app to focus their ideas and creativity.

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