daClub – YouTube Music Radio Android Review

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DaClub, available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store, is an interesting and innovative social take on YouTube music that provides a vibrant scene of sharing and chat that is pretty refreshing.

The basic idea behind the app is to meet people with similar musical interests in ‘clubs’, where you can chat one to one while watching various music videos together. The end result is far better than simply using the built-in YouTube commenting system, as this is far more personal and can be completely customised to you and your friend’s tastes. There is also something special about watching a video with someone else at the same time.

The app also works as a complete Internet radio solution, albeit with music videos. It has all the options you would expect, and the app is pretty good at automatically curating what you watch based on your preferences. The whole radio side to things really adds a good level of depth to the app and definitely expands its horizons somewhat.daclub

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

★ultimate FREE Music Videos, Free YouTube music Radio, Free YouTube music Discovery
★Your personal DJ, tap the icon and your personalize free YouTube music radio created.
★The chance to meet right people, daClub helps you chat with the others listen the same song as you do one on one.
★Get your own crew, in the Club you can meet others like you and share, discuss, enjoy YouTube music together.

The app really begins to show its potential when you have managed to find a few like-minded people on there. Having a crew of fellow music lovers makes the app much more enjoyable, with others able to introduce you to new tracks and artists that you might otherwise have never heard of.

This, combined with the Internet radio side of things makes this a truly superb way of discovering new music or uncovering old tracks you may have completely forgotten about.

The app itself is designed well, and works well on Android, with a nice flow to proceedings and it is clear the developer has a nice eye for creating apps with an intuitive feel. The use of colour is good, and everything feels stylishly executed. I never had any problems with stability during my time with the app.

Overall, this is a great way of discovering new music in a uniquely social way. With a community that is growing and a great use of the ‘club’ idea, daClub could point to a new future for music discovery on mobile.


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