DU Battery Saver Android Review

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DU Battery Saver has more than 50 million users. Quite incredible, but why is this battery saving app so incredibly popular? There are endless apps of this type for Android, but DU Battery Saver is heads and shoulders above the competition because, not only does it have every feature you could possibly want in a battery saver, but it is presented in a package that is endlessly intuitive and easy to use.Screenshot 2014-07-23 at 19

The instant you start the app, you get a cool persistent notification (which can be switched off if you so choose), that shows you pertinent information, such as time left on the battery, the percentage remaining, the temperature and which usually power-hungry apps are running.

This simple addition is a good start, but it really is just the start.

From the main screen of the app, you can press a big, fat ‘optimize’ button which gets the app to use its fairy dust (technical term…) to save you hours on your battery, whilst also scanning your phone to tell you which apps are the main power-hogging culprits.

The next screen allows you to set up power profiles for different uses on your phone. So, you can set up a mode for a long flight, or one that lets you use everything at maximum when you are at home and plugged into a power point. This is the area where, if you set up properly, you can really start to see the benefits of using the app on a regular basis. You can also purchase a very clever ‘smart’ mode here with an IAP, or with coins that you can earn by downloading recommended apps. Sneaky tip: It is entirely possible to get many of the features of the smart mode for free, by earning these coins.

There is also a general charge screen that gives you information on your battery, and the superb monitor screen, which gives you more information than the standard Android battery monitor.

Overall, I find it very difficult to see why you wouldn’t want this installed on your phone. Even forgetting about all the extra features, this app still saves you a couple of hours battery per day. My Galaxy Note 3 is usually on its last legs by 5PM, but this app extended that to 8PM- for free.

You can’t argue with that. Grab this now.

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  1. I an unable to remove this app from my android touchpad, It seems it has been flashed into my system directory and now each time I turn on my touchpad – here it is installed again. No matter how many times I remove it!


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